QA250 QUESTION: During the last few months, I’ve been experiencing the need to share and work with a massage and healing group, as an extension of the Health Committee, who would work closely together for natural healing. I’m interested in working with arthritics, cancer, thyroid imbalance, heart conditions, and so forth. We have been focusing upon the Worker’s negative intent, transforming this into positive will, and our attuning more into our life’s healing force and the spirit of Christ.

Have you any suggestions regarding the laying on of hands and the energy centers, as a way to help inner healing? And to help integrate our Pathwork, Core Energetics, and Healing through Touch, do you have any guidance regarding the following aspects: giving and receiving, and attuning to God’s will; purification, while working with our individual Helpers; laying on of hands – what conceptual emphasis for group consciousness; preparation of study, knowledge of healing systems and technique; prerequisite and stages of commitment.

ANSWER: Yes, all these approaches are very good and necessary. As far as they go, I have nothing to add. But I will make another suggestion. It will prove helpful and often quite necessary – both to the healer and to the person to be healed – to focus on what I have to say here. It is an attitude of letting go and letting God.

This is very subtle and needs to be focused on with great sensitivity and awareness. There are subtle currents of anxiety that say, in effect, “If I am not being healed, I cannot believe in the reality of God and of Creation, of meaning to life and of eternal life.” This amounts to a kind of secret ultimatum that puts a tremendous strain and pressure on both the healer and the one to be healed.

You need to ferret this out and make it conscious. If you, as the healing instrument, become conscious of this pressure in you, you will also notice how you have unwittingly responded to a similar pressure from the person who puts himself or herself into your hands. This even applies literally, in that the emanations from your hands contain and carry this current and intensify a mutual current of this kind.

So, the pressure, the unconscious ultimatum, the fear and anxiety connected with it, create a direct block to the healing flow. Both healer and the one to be healed need to free themselves of this obstacle. It prohibits the necessary attitude of letting go and letting God.

Here the law applies that you must be willing to give up what you wish to gain. When Jesus spoke of giving up your life in order to attain immortality, in order to find your life, this is what he meant. The insistence and need that it has to be one way and not another, the stemming against this other way, creates an inner tightness that is directly opposed to God’s influx, whether this be healing, truth, wisdom, love, solutions or whatever. The tight attitude implies lack of trust in divine nature and divine presence and divine life.

All this may sound contradictory. It is indeed difficult to explain. It does not mean that you should resign. It continues to mean awareness that God wants your health, your life, your well-being. It continues to mean that you visualize this and claim it – but without the underlying current of anxiety, fear, self-will and distrust.

So it is really not contradictory at all to claim health and well-being, and at the same time to totally let go of the tightness of needing it in order to assuage doubts and fears. You all need to grope for and find this inner movement, this subtle attitude. It applies to all of life, not only to healing.

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