QA150 QUESTION: My grandson would like to know what his task is. Can you give him guidance along those lines so he will reach the goal – whatever it is?

ANSWER: You see, to be told what the specific vocation or fulfillment of a human being is, would be completely contradictory to the meaning of the very task itself. For it must unfold as a natural and inevitable way – that is, as natural for the individual as it is natural to breathe.

This can only happen when one’s specific blocks in the direction are removed. It is very possible that a person has the blocks removed in the direction of a specific vocation, while other blocks remain. The sum of the difficulties – the impediments – in man’s personality affect his entire being.

But the help I would like to give him here is that what stands specifically in his way to have it naturally unfold are the fears he has in regard to his peers. This fear not only inhibits his general being, and therefore the possibility to have his inner plan unfold, but it also creates a condition in which he is unconsciously and involuntarily influenced by what other people may think, and that prohibits the spontaneous freedom.

This is a very good example of pointing out how being told would not be a good thing, because the moment he removes this difficulty, he is bound to discover it. So he must go through this difficulty in order to get to the realization; otherwise, it is superimposed.

This specific hint may help him, and also I would like to add, in his extreme youth, these fears are, in themselves, very understandable and universal, I may say. But this is not the point. They are nevertheless a grave impediment.

And just because of his youth, it is possible that he – if nothing else for the moment – will become aware to what extent this influence rules him in subtle ways, even in ways of rebelling. I think for the time being this is enough of a hint, because if he begins to tackle this aspect on his path, connecting links will appear naturally in which I will then be glad to help him again.

QUESTION: Thank you very much. I didn’t think that you would disclose and I told him so, but he, nevertheless, still wanted that I ask the question.

ANSWER: When he tackles and even becomes aware of these specific fears in him, he will find it relatively simple to find it out for himself. Because it is really all quite naturally there, for his talents and his capacities point so obviously in certain directions, which can then unite with his inclinations, with his desires, with his joy of what he would like most to do. This joy cannot unfold as long as it is covered by the aspect I mentioned.


QA199 QUESTION: I feel very deeply that I have a specific task in life. I love what I’m doing at the moment, which is music, and I think that’s very genuine in me. But besides this, and in conjunction with my self search, I have another specific task for which I feel very strongly. Then I convince myself it’s only my guilt that stops me from music and doesn’t let me enjoy it. But there’s something more to that.

ANSWER: Yes, there is something more. What it is will unfold itself. It would not be good if you were told. It would influence you; it would constrict you. Now, the guilt is, of course, a negative level of the neurotic aspect. And that will disappear as you go on with your development.

But in the meantime, I say, enjoy to the hilt and trust the process that when you are ready, the task will manifest itself. Many human beings go from one expression and fulfillment to another, and the organic process will make itself known. Trust it. Give yourself into the hands of God. Surrender to the divine will in you. And it will come to pass when it is ready. In the meantime, enjoy what you are doing.

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