41 QUESTION: One of our group, now here for the first time, would like to know how to develop her psychic powers.

ANSWER: I would like to ask this friend first, what is the purpose of it?

QUESTIONER: To help children, the aged, and those in need.

ANSWER: The motive is a good one. There is only one really good way for such a development, and that is the following: first give up thinking about it at all and concentrate on your own spiritual, mental and emotional development, and on your own path of purification. The more the unconscious has been explored and become conscious, the clearer the channel. I am speaking generally now and not just to you, for it applies to anyone desirous of helping in such a way.

The development of psychic powers should always be secondary. It should be left to the will of God in what manner these powers will manifest. And the stronger they manifest, the greater the necessity for a stringent path of self-development! I cannot stress this enough. So if you can leave psychic powers aside for a while, in the wisdom that this is dangerous material unless self-awareness is present to a marked degree, and if you do so for the sake of God, then he may give it back to you a hundredfold when the time is ripe.

If you learn to put aside your self-will and can say, and mean it: “Father, thy will be done, let me be thy instrument in any way thou choosest, not the way I choose. I know that in order to be an instrument for thy world, I have to go on this Path and I am not shirking its hardships,” then you have the proper and healthy attitude that must be pleasing to God. That is the only way – everything else may even prove dangerous.

Goodwill alone is not enough protection. Ignorance of many factors can bring a great deal of trouble and untruth. The unexplored unconscious plays a great role, particularly in this type of work. Self-awareness must be developed if psychic powers are not to prove dangerous.


QA162 QUESTION: I have a question for a friend who is here for the first time. He believes that he has extrasensory perception This has been revealed to him several times by events which cannot be considered purely accidental. He wonders whether you can confirm this exists and guide him in the use of it.

ANSWER: Of course the development of one’s psychic abilities requires a tremendous amount of dedication if it is to bring benefit and if it is to be meaningful for the person’s life as well as for those who benefit from such a communication or such an inner contact. Otherwise, it might be misleading, unreliable and haphazard, at best, and even dangerous and harmful, at worst.

The requirement that I would stress as the most important one is one’s personal development. Everything else will fall into place. Total self-realization, in the sense that we use this term – or the path toward it – is the prerequisite. The commitment to it, the aim toward it, is the prerequisite.

Now, by total self-realization I mean the exploration of the unconscious material, where the unconscious is ignorant and destructive, where the unconscious is highly creative and reliable. Only the former can lead to the latter. There is no shortcut.

Only by this road, which requires a tremendous amount of commitment, of courage, of perseverance, of patience, of maturity, of objectivity with oneself, of the ability to accept the best and the worst in the self, only then can all the dormant potentials be brought forth and therefore, also, one’s psychic abilities. This is the only way.

Now on the other hand, I will also say that every healer, every person who helps others, would need to do the same thing, if he really wants to be successful. One day this Earth world will make this a requirement for everyone who deals with other people.

Politicians, statesmen, physicians, teachers, everyone who is influential – judges – everyone like that would have to pursue such a path. That would be the safeguard that this world will live in peace and in truth and in love.

Psychic potentials require this and much more because the uncertainties of this unchartered road make anything else but self-realization – the path toward it – very hazardous. That such self-realization also ensures personal happiness is almost, I might say, a by-product. That many people who choose it because it is the fulfillment of life, regardless of such a task they might fulfill, is another matter.

But the responsibility, if one wishes to explore one’s psychic potentials, is many, many more times greater. It alone creates the safety, the reliability, the constructive, productive, creative approach that is sound. And indeed it requires a total and full commitment.

When I say total, full commitment, I do not mean that all other activities should be given up. Not in the least. For the road towards one’s innermost self does not mean to relinquish the world. Quite on the contrary. It means to live all the better in the world.

It is not ever a question of time, of quantity. It is rather a qualitative approach to the self and to finding the meaning of life by self-exploration. Then the technicalities of the psychic development come very naturally and will fall into place.


QA214 QUESTION: Going back to the psychic nuclear points [Lecture #214 Psychic Nuclear Points], from a technical viewpoint, does this have anything to do with mental telepathy or ESP or something like that?

ANSWER: No, it has nothing to do with that whatsoever. The psychic nuclear points are energy formations that exist throughout the universe. But they are not necessarily or exclusively connected with psychic phenomenon.

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