43 QUESTION: What is the role of the Virgin Mary from the spiritual point of view?

ANSWER: The spirit of the woman you call the Virgin Mary is a very highly developed spirit, a spirit who has never belonged to the Fall. Jesus Christ could not have been born out of an impure spirit. And the purity of this spirit led to the misunderstanding of the meaning of the “immaculate conception,” which refers to her unfallen nature.

I often say that each error in the various religions has some background that makes the error understandable. Through spirit communication, humanity was told that Jesus’ mother was a pure spirit – which could not have been otherwise. From this communication arose the misunderstanding that purity means sexual purity and that the mother of Jesus gave birth as a virgin in the physical sense. That is the whole misunderstanding.

Many people on Earth misdirect their sexual forces and therefore think that sexuality, as such, is impure. This is not so. The mother of Jesus was and is a pure spirit, but the conception took place like any other conception. God’s laws are perfect, regardless of whether humanity perverts some aspects of them or not. So there would be no need for God to override his laws.

You see, my friends, as usual, the truth lies in the middle. Some, out of the mistaken idea that everything sexual is impure, say that the mother of Jesus Christ had to be a virgin and that denying this is sacrilege. Others go to the opposite extreme and deny not only the purity of the spirit of Jesus Christ’s mother but also that Christ was the inborn Son of God, merely because they cannot accept certain erroneous assertions. They cannot find the truth between these extremes.

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