QA253 QUESTION: My partner and I both have teenage daughters and feel much love for them. We are also completely committed to the Pathwork and have given our lives to this beautiful work, which comes truly from our hearts. The problem is, we spend so much time away from our children, especially in the evening, often almost every night of the week, and this causes us and the girls a good deal of pain. As mothers, we worry about this crucial stage in their development and their continuing need for us.

We realize that this split is needless and that there must be a unity that is best for us, our girls, and our Pathwork. We would like to know the meaning of this lifestyle for our children and what is the distortion in us that has contributed to this outer manifestation.

ANSWER: If you truly look at your life impartially and dispassionately, you will find that it is entirely possible for you to fulfill your spiritual task and your task as a mother. If you open your heart specifically to the guidance of the Lord, it will all fall into place. Often the time that you might spend together, or that you actually do spend together, is not fully utilized.

Often it does not occur to you to give to them what you have to give – not only in time, energy and love, but perhaps what is lacking even more is giving them of your wisdom, of your guidance, and above all, communication. There are many unanswered questions in them about their mothers that they do not bring out, and that you do not help bring out because it does not occur to you that they are there.

I would say that this is a most important key. If you really talk together, if they themselves can become aware of what they do not understand about you and your life, and if you could give them deeply honest answers, a wonderful new bond could be established that would make the time problem disappear like snow in the sun.

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