QA213 QUESTION: I’ve very recently admitted to myself a lifelong inability to concentrate, even on things that give me pleasure, whether it be music or reading or being close and intimate with somebody. It’s partially an inability to commit myself to anything. What do you suggest?

ANSWER: I would suggest that as your Pathwork deepens in intensity, you will find that there is a direct connection between your not allowing yourself the full experience of pleasure, your lack of commitment, and a negative intent. And you are very unwilling to recognize that negative intent. That is the missing link you have to attain through your Pathwork.

When you have that link, when you are fully aware of a negative intentionality toward life, toward others, that you even defeat yourself in order to execute that intent, then you will know what you are doing to yourself. The door will open where you can change it. That is my answer to you. And my advice is that you make the commitment very precisely, and focus on wanting to see your negativity, which is the missing link.

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