QA257 QUESTION: My husband wants to leave the Washington area for his health and for other reasons, and I feel the need to choose between him and the Pathwork. I haven’t wanted to take this issue seriously or to look at what God’s will for me really is. I have just wanted to let things work themselves out without consciously making a decision and knowing the different sides of the issue. What is it in me that is causing me to avoid the work involved in making such a decision? What are the dynamics between my husband and I that I don’t understand now and that could help me get beyond this block? Why have I created this situation that forces me to choose between my husband and the Pathwork?

ANSWER: There need not be such a split. It is entirely self-created, my dear friend. You have a stake in keeping up an obstruction for which you need not take responsibility. This intent manifested even before this issue came up in subtly creating an atmosphere with your husband in which he had to experience your activity on this Pathwork as something contrary to his interest, contrary to a harmonious relationship.

When you will be clear about this, when you will see exactly how this aspect exists in you and how you have demonstrated it in your relationship, the outer problem will resolve itself, wherever you will be.

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