QA174 QUESTION: I’m facing a very deep misconception about my imminent doom. I see how my whole life is tainted with a very sinister tinge of negativity and association with entombment and bodies and very evil things that are going to come into my ken by association and by actual projection. What is the origin of this very deep and sinister misconception.

ANSWER: Yes. Now, I hardly need to emphasize the tremendous significance and importance of this realization, of how meaningful it is that you are clearly and concisely aware of this belief that has always been in you. However, it was so concealed and so indirect that your conscious, rational mind did not permit you to acknowledge this irrational conviction.

As long as this was the case, you suffered immeasurably from this hidden, secret conviction. Now that you face it, it is indeed possible to challenge the false idea, for it is really and truly a false idea.

Of course, you can guess that this accumulated in your unconscious personality since many, many previous existences. But in this particular existence, the belief is fostered by the misconception that each little disappointment, each little frustration, each little slight or inconvenience even, you misinterpret this to mean disaster.

The vicious circle works in both ways. On the one hand, the soul that has been filled with terror of many old existences long past, that need no longer disturb your psychic existence, but still you have held onto it. You could not let them go.

Because the conviction of doom is all around you, you then misinterpret a little, little thing as confirming your belief that this is doom. And then, when you are in this misconception that the small slight, that the small inconvenience is a terrible disaster, then you, in turn, confirm the original misconception again.

The misconception makes you believe the small happening is disaster, and the small happening that you believe is disaster, reconfirms the original misconception. There is the vicious circle; there is the negativity that is going around in a self-perpetuating position or situation. Now, I therefore advise you to realize this.

You have now conditioned yourself to pay attention to the little happenings every day, little events. And when you feel threatened, frightened, then say, “Is this really the disaster, the doom I have in my soul? It is not doom. It is merely a little inconvenience or a little disappointment. It is not my doom.”

Then set about to change the image you have here – and recondition yourself. Tell yourself, instruct your soul substance, “This is a false idea. My life will not be doomed if I choose it to be constructive and wonderful; and this is what I choose.” Realize that the power of your own choice has tremendous impact on your psychic mechanism.

You can make this decision any moment you desire. You can say to yourself right now, “I do not choose to live with a false threat that I’m doomed. This is a superstitious belief I hold on to that has no substance in reality, and I will not be threatened by false ideas. My choice is to be happy, and this is what I commit myself to: to live a constructive, full, meaningful, joyful life. That is my choice, and this is what I choose.” This decision can be made any time you wish. You immediately set up a positive energy.

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