21 QUESTION: The dissection of Einstein’s brain showed no marked anatomical differences between his brain and the brains of other human beings. What is – in a metaphysical sense – the brain as the physio-psychological vehicle for intelligence and intellect?

ANSWER: This experiment is the very best example to show that intelligence is not in the physical body. The ability to think, to create, has nothing to do with the physical organs, unless, of course, the physical organ is damaged, which would affect the corresponding subtle body. I think most of you know that all thinking takes place in one of the subtle bodies, just as all feeling is in another subtle body.

The subtle bodies, as development proceeds, will integrate and eventually become just one: the spiritual body, where all purified and perfect thinking and feeling will have integrated into the last, ultimate and eternal subtle body. Until this is accomplished, there is division, each function belonging to a special layer or subtle body. The physical layer has, as its sole function, the physical life in its various aspects. But thinking or feeling belongs to different realms, and therefore take place in a different layer or body.

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