QA165 QUESTION: With all the research in cancer, there’s been very little progress. How near are they to finding a cure? This is a very great fear of mine.

ANSWER: I cannot exactly say how near they are, but a little nearer, a little nearer. But as long as man looks for the cure on purely outer levels, the cure will never be found.

The cure is within the emotions, within the feelings, within the whole personality structure of the inner person – where there is an imbalance of feelings, of held-back feelings, of not-expressed feelings, vital feelings – that is where to look for the cure.

For some diseases, the cures have apparently been found by outer means – medical means, chemical means, surgical means – but these are never really the cure. They are only the symptoms, because each disease is nothing but a symptom of the whole person.

When the symptom is removed and the wholeness behind the symptom is not discovered, at best, this symptom will disappear and another symptom will come. This has happened in the past.

Whenever merely the disease has been removed by chemical or medical means, only a symptom has been removed. When man finds the wholeness of human being and then will go inside the spiritual and the psychological being of man, then the feelings can be governed in a healthy way.

Whether it is this disease or others, the cure will be found by not producing that disease anymore.


QA232 QUESTION: I’ve been very resistant to accepting help in the perceptual work of the Pathwork in dealing with a medical problem. A medical doctor has given me medicine which inhibits the symptoms of this reaction, and now I’m facing the choice of taking it more seriously, which might eradicate the symptoms. I fear in myself that there’s a real defiance and anger there that I’m going to show the Pathwork that I’m innocent in this, that I have no intentionality in it, and that this medical doctor can really take it away from me and cure it. I feel myself being alienated from the Path, from my commitment to the Path, because of this anger that I have in this particular problem.

ANSWER: Here you live in the illusion that whatever happens to you has been done to you from the outside. You put so much stake into this illusion, as if your insistence would change the reality and the fact. It does not really matter so much what you do from a medical point of view, as long as you keep awake and alert and perhaps learn from it.

What you will learn, I venture to say, is that even though these symptoms may be removed, something else will come up that may appear to be completely disconnected from this. But where there is an inner agent, that agent will breed its results or its effects or its manifestations. The manifestations may vary. If you eliminate one manifestation, another will come, maybe in a different form.

Here, the important thing is not so much what you do, but that you learn, even when you do what you consider the wrong thing. It may lead you to more insight and understanding and more truth, and the very thing you resist is to see the truth. So I am not concerned here with what you should or should not do. From our vantage point, it makes very little difference. But the important thing is your willingness and commitment to be in truth. That is all important; everything else is secondary.

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