103 QUESTION: Is there such a thing as numerology, that certain numbers are favorable, and others not?

ANSWER: I strongly advise against such things. Very strongly.


QA136 QUESTION: I’d like to ask one question. I was reading something in a book on mysticism just the other day. It said man was in his fourth stage of evolution in going through the Saturn, sun, moon, and now he’s in the Earth stage, and that each phase has a different spiritual connotation for man. Could you say something about this?

ANSWER: I do not consider it necessary to know about these things. I do not think it is at all constructive or even instructive, because then man falls into the temptation of measuring, and measuring is not good. Measuring leads to comparison. It leads to an outer evaluation.

On a path such as you are on, only one thing is advisable, necessary, constructive and liberating, and that is looking into yourself, finding yourself, regardless in what sphere, what stage, what state, what grade, or whatever. Therefore, I am not concerned with such measuring. I do not consider it important. Do not take that as a rejection of you, but it is a rejection of the question, simply because there are so many more important things to discuss.

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