QA253 QUESTION: I want to further and deepen my relationship with my wife. I would specifically like advice on how to deal with my sexual feelings for her. Here, I need help in clearly expressing this energy/consciousness in me. I love her very much and want for all of us to become closer, to become the beautiful family we are.

ANSWER: My dearest friend. So often human beings experience love feelings, and the physical experience of these feelings is confused with sexual feelings. Then, of course, the moment the mind believes these feelings to be sexual, they actually become sexual. For, according to your belief, it shall be done to you.

The mind’s interpretation alters the quality of the love feelings. And the mind makes this interpretation because love is believed to be a nonphysical experience, an abstraction, and not something that is actually a bodily sensation. So I will ask you to consider your feelings for her in a new way, with a new approach, and become aware of the sexuality being superimposed according to a belief in you.

Then become aware of the original genuine love feelings that you do not need to fear and deny because you sense them also in your physical being. The sexual feelings are a result of this denial due to a false belief and a subsequent split. As you gain the courage to feel the feelings of love, even if at first there appears some sexuality in them, these feelings will purify.

You can trust yourself not to act upon the sexual feelings, to whatever degree they may still exist at the beginning. But as you change your belief in this respect and allow the feelings of love to stream through you, fear will disappear and your real sexuality can be expressed to your mate.

When this fear and guilt are gone, you will be able to give freely to your stepchild, you will be able to deepen your relationship and be able to communicate on the level of your deepest spiritual knowledge and wisdom. You will be able to give her nourishment in that way when your fear and guilt are gone.

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