QA229 QUESTION: I’m finding a lot of trouble on my Path in connection with moving out on my own and letting go of a man. I have such a stubborn will to not move, and I feel trapped in the negative energy involving this. Could you give me some help?

ANSWER: Even the way you put it, it is as though you were a victim to your stubborn will. It is you who can decide whether or not to give up that stubborn will. It is in this respect, as though you are constantly hovering on a threshold, in which you almost seek reassurance in the old state, and do not dare to go into a new state in which you can let go and go into the momentary unknown, outwardly and inwardly.

You can decide this right now, if you so wish, my dear. Again the attitude exists: “I have to wait until my stubborn will recedes before I can experience the letting go.” But it is putting cause before effect. Do you see this? There is nothing to cry about.

Your beauty, your richness, is there to wait for you as you let go. But if you choose to let go into an idea of tragedy, of course you have to hold on. But you can also choose and visualize to let go into a world of fulfillment in which you deserve fulfillment and can give fulfillment. And that choice is yours right now.

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