QA150 QUESTION: I have a question about flying saucers. I don’t want to know what they are, but I have spoken to people who I trust are in their right mind, I suppose, and who said they have seen them. I’d like to know why is it that so many people are seeing flying saucers nowadays?

ANSWER: I would say that it is not more nowadays than at any other time. But perhaps nowadays people are more attentive and perhaps also have more courage to say what they’ve seen. What has been sighted like this before may have been ascribed to a religious vision, while now something more material is made out of it. But in itself it is an error to believe they exist more today than at any other time.

QUESTION: Well, can I go further? Can you say what they are?

ANSWER: No! [Laughter]

QUESTION: I thought it was like the wish people have that there might be another world existing, either spiritual or on another planet.

ANSWER: All such things may also exist. That one has hallucinations or one objectifies one’s wishful thinking or one’s suggestions, that also existed at all times. But I’m also talking about something that is actually true. The one does not eliminate the other.

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