QA193 QUESTION: [1971] I have heard from a source in South America, from a spirit named Joseph, that humanity is approaching a very critical point. He indicates that man discovering the forces of life will then turn them against himself, and this may result in destructive consequences for all human beings. I am at a loss to understand that.

ANSWER: This is very wrong. It is wrong because it is a distorted slant. Mankind has always used divine powers in its ignorance and in its unrecognized demonic force, and distorted them. This is not new. Whether it is on a technological or on an inner psychic basis, it does not make the slightest bit of difference. But humanity, in whatever form or shape, has to go through its own evolutionary stages.

To say it is doomed to destruction is looking at it through a very narrow framework. Whatever happens – let us say a momentary destruction – it is only one tiny link in a great chain. And that chain exists, no matter what mankind does. The temporary destructiveness must always finally lead to the truth of being. The destructiveness is not destructiveness per se. It is at the same time always the medicine and the key to the ultimate reality of all good. It is only out of context. It is not destructive per se. Evil is not evil per se. It is a distortion, and even when it manifests at its most destructive, it is already the instrument for good.

You can very easily observe this in a smaller framework in your daily lives. The most evil thing, the worst, the most painful crisis you go through, if you go through it well, you will see that it is a blessing in itself. How often have I said that? How often have some of my friends been able to find this out? It is only when you have a destructive attitude to what happens, that it is temporarily apparently senseless.

But evil is not senseless! It is your making and it is a distortion of good; and ignorance is a distortion of wisdom. It is only a blocking off of what is ultimate. So how anyone who is a knowing spirit can say this, is a contradiction. It cannot be really a knowing spirit. It can be someone who talks from the vantage point of a frightened human being, and not from someone who has an overall view.

It is like saying when you die, it is destructive and that it is the ultimate terror. You all die from the physical death, many, many, many, many times – not once, not twice – until you are out of the chain of life and death. Eventually you will realize the truth and you will have liberated yourself from the illusion of this dualistic life in which evil and good, and love and hate, and God and the devil, and life and death, and all of this error exists, which is bound to the ego.

So such a statement in itself reveals someone truly not knowing. No spirit, no soul, no human being, no entity, has anything to fear. There is nothing to fear! Now, I know for many of you these are mere words, but as you work toward your inner reality and fearlessly face your fears – and courageously face your errors and your destructiveness and your little dishonest games – to that extent you will know I say the truth – that there’s nothing to fear! This is my answer.

QUESTION: May I elaborate on this? {Yes} Perhaps I misstated the statement. I first want to say that I do see and feel all the things you said, and I myself feel this way. But the statement was that due to the fact that human beings today – having discovered the laws of energy in matter – are about to discover the laws of energy in the living. These discoveries, if not used properly, may lead to certain conditions that may be very detrimental. The statement then was made that the Russians, having been ahead of us in this particular knowledge, may use this knowledge to further certain of their own political agendas, as well as the conditions of a dictatorship.

ANSWER: You see, my friend, we are talking here on a totally different level. This is very hard to communicate to you – and I do not mean just to you, I mean to all of you – that this is not an issue with us. It is not – truly not. For it has always existed that divine forces have been distorted. It is not such a new thing.

You rediscover things now in a different way and clothe it into today’s language and today’s terms, but these forces have been discovered before, and they have been misused before, and they will continue to be misused.

QUESTION: Didn’t this lead to the destruction, for instance, of what they say was Atlantis?

ANSWER: It is true.

QUESTION: Well, exactly, that’s the question I’m bringing up here.

ANSWER: Yes, it is true. It does not matter. It does not matter. Nothing has really been destroyed. I detect an anxiety in you that says, “We must not discover further, because mankind is not far enough.” You cannot hold the development, even if development temporarily has to err.

You can only do your best from your end to not distort. And the effort of one person will be weighed more heavily and will determine more than perhaps the destructive and ignorant attitudes and behavior and actions of many other people.

You know there’s also an in-built security in the evil and distorted thing. You can only go so far, and then the power loses itself. It ceases after a while. And then materialism is the result in which no awareness of such power exists.

I say, it is not determined that it has to be that way. I say, some people can indeed and will indeed do their best in their own fanaticism and ignorance to misuse whatever they have. And others will safeguard such a discovery and make it work for progress in the real sense, in the sense where it counts. I cannot give you an answer that says “yes, mankind should or should not deal with these powers.” It cannot be said.

But I do say, whoever is active in anything that is of importance – whether this be a political position or any position where masses can be influenced, or whether this be dealing with such powers and energies – the person should always, first of all, go into himself and develop himself, so that he has the guidance – and the security of guidance – and not determine with his ego what to do, and how to go about it. Surrender to the greater realm and nothing will happen on the whole.

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