QA255 QUESTION: After seeing a particularly brutal movie about prisons in Turkey, I felt fear of the negative side of life. An American was arrested for attempting to smuggle illegal drugs out of Turkey. At first I saw the punishment as way out of proportion to the crime. I saw him as a victim. I felt that the negative levels only need to be dipped into a little bit, with the results being unpredictable. So my question really is, does the law of justice also apply to the negative side? You have said that there are injustices in the world. How does this fit in? Are negative cause and negative effect equal?

ANSWER: I never said that there are injustices. I said there appear to be injustices, when seen out of context. Often a single lifetime is out of context. So, for example, a person may be convicted of a crime he did not commit. This is clearly an injustice on this level of reality. But if all the connections were known, it would not be an injustice.

Your fear that the negative, once dipped in, may get out of control and take on a momentum and a life of its own, is based on the phenomenon of self-perpetuation, which I have often explained. The force is like something caught in a vortex, in a whirlpool that gets stronger and stronger.

However, the strength of this vortex is also determined by exact spiritual law. In other words, it is impossible to take on more power than what is commensurate with the individual’s quota. The quota consists of accumulated material that needs to be absorbed positively in order to change the self-perpetuation into a positive movement.

Do not ever forget that negative self-perpetuation can never be anywhere near as strong as positive self-perpetuation. The former is always limited, the latter is infinite.

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