QA237 QUESTION: [1976] We have become increasingly aware of the seriousness of some of the political situations, and we have meditated in several of our groups about some specific situations in the world which are of great concern to us. Is there anything that we can do specifically in that respect?

ANSWER: Well, I have said many times to you that the individual development of each soul contributes more to the general situation of humanity, whether this be in politics or any other area, than any collective outer means could do.

I have also given specific suggestions for your political committee, how to approach the New Age unitive principles in politics that go beyond the partisan, and what to do within your own consciousness about this and how you could then perhaps express this in other ways and find recognition.

But I also will say that from our vantage point, the situation is not worse but better than it has been. [Laughter] I will tell you why. Humanity as a whole experiences very much what you individually experience on such a path – that the lower self can no longer remain so hidden. The mask self of political life is beginning to shed itself, and that is a very good process. Things are not worse than they were. They are more known. [Laughter]

So, understanding this, you can focus on the higher self of the universe of this Earth sphere, of humanity’s higher self, and connect your higher self with it, and pray that humanity’s higher self will gain more and more strength, which does not mean, of course, that the lower self ceases to exist. You know this. But it will become more recognizable, more directly discernible, and therefore less dangerous.

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