80 QUESTION: Psychiatry today uses shock treatment. Could that damage the psyche and the subtle bodies?

ANSWER: Yes, it does damage, and does not effect a real cure, but only a temporary semblance of a cure.

QUESTION: What does it do?

ANSWER: It gives a temporary, superficial, and very unreal pseudo-cure.

QUESTION: It takes you by mechanical means out of a psychosis and brings you back to reality. But then you have to start working out what the cause was, in order to avoid a recurrence of the psychosis. But is it purely mechanical?

ANSWER: You said it brings one back to reality. It does that only in a very limited way. At the same time, these shocks can, and often do, damage parts of the human psyche and subtle bodies.

QUESTION: I saw in the last few days how people received such shock treatments and it seemed that they were actually dead for a few minutes or seconds. Is it possible that they actually do die for a few moments?

ANSWER: No. What you call death occurs when the silver cord is severed. But there are many stages of unconsciousness which may outwardly resemble death, but they are not really death because the cord is not severed.

QUESTION: Could shock treatment damage that cord?

ANSWER: That could happen too. But even if it does not, it may damage other faculties and parts of the inner being that may be just as harmful.

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