15 QUESTION: I was wondering whether you would tell us whether there is any conscious life on other planets?

ANSWER: Yes, indeed. Each planet, each star, is a sphere where spiritual life exists.

QUESTION: But I meant organic conscious beings?

ANSWER: A spiritual being is also organic, for all organs exist in radiant matter. And certainly there is consciousness! But there is no life like your material one. The matter is just different, of different density. Those spirits can, of course, materialize. We can do so and have done so under certain conditions. If this happened, you would think such a materialized spirit was of flesh and blood. But life on the other planets is not exactly in your material form.

Radiant matter varies greatly. What may be for you radiant matter which you cannot perceive with your eyes, is for us dense matter of a different vibration and type. On the other hand, the matter of the powers of darkness is so coarse, so much coarser than even your matter, that you cannot see it either. It is not radiant, but quite to the contrary, too coarse for you to perceive it.

You think all life in the beyond is subtle matter, but this is not so. Any difference in degree of density is automatically invisible for a spirit used to another vibration, unless the spirits are so highly developed that they have the power to focus their view on different degrees of density. Unless there is a materialization, you cannot see the texture of matter existing in other spheres.


15 QUESTION: I have a question about distances and geographical measurements. Is the Spirit World in which you are and live also extending into the very distant stars, like the Milky Way?

ANSWER: Yes, into everything – the whole universe.

QUESTION: You can travel with ease, in other words, into any space in the universe?

ANSWER: Space is no obstacle.

QUESTION: But the distance in some way must be there?

ANSWER: The distance is there only from the human point of view. I know this is impossible for you to imagine.

QUESTION: So two million light years don’t have any meaning as measurement to you?

ANSWER: That’s correct. Along the same line, if I am here now, but want to be in Switzerland, I am there in the same minute. And in the next minute, or half-minute, or fraction of a minute – although we do not have these measurements – I would be back. For me, if there is no spiritual distance, there is no distance. And yet, to go from here to the door may be an unsurpassable distance for a spirit.

QUESTION: Because of the density of the medium?

ANSWER: The spiritual attitude is the distance.

QUESTION: In other words, for you to be on Ras Algeth or any of the great stars is the same as traveling from here to a place which to us is a short distance?

ANSWER: It makes no difference. There is no time and space measurement in the Spirit World compared to what you have here. The measurement we have is purely individual, spiritual and psychological. Now, do not think that when I say “psychological,” this is merely an idea; it is a fact. A spirit who has reached a certain development has the whole universe at its disposal up to the sphere it has reached. It cannot get higher until it reaches the respective development.

QUESTION: In other words, a lower developed spirit can’t do it?

ANSWER: Any spirit has available only what is within the realm of his development, or below. There he is free.

QUESTION: Would you say it is like reading a book that takes us back many millions of years, just as the thought of the spirit who is wherever he thinks he wants to be?

ANSWER: Yes. Yes. But it is not only an idea, it is actually so.

QUESTION: But the human mind cannot conceive it?

ANSWER: It is almost impossible for you to conceive it unless you sense it, you feel it in meditation. But then you will find you cannot express your knowledge to others.


55 QUESTION: May I ask a question, although I don’t think it is permissible. Science is now agreed that in the millions of Milky Ways and in the billions of stars there must be life similar to our own planet. If this is so, does the Fall and subsequent Plan of Salvation hold true for other…

ANSWER: Of course. It is one whole. The Plan of Salvation includes the entire Creation. The Earth sphere is but one part of it. Whether or not you find life in the same or similar forms on other planets has nothing to do with it. Even if the outer form of life is similar – although it is not exactly the same, but that is beside the point – the purpose and the stage of development in each sphere is a different one.

QUESTION: There are no other planets in those millions of planets which have the same life as we here?

ANSWER: Not exactly the same. Conditions are adapted to need, and each sphere has a different need for development in a different area of the personality.


55 QUESTION: There is so much discussion, speculation and investigation by scientists whether or not the universe is physically expanding and contracting or static. Is there an answer to that?

ANSWER: It is constantly in movement. But rhythmic and harmonious movement contains motionlessness, like that instant in breathing when you do not breathe in order to do so rhythmically. The different schools of thought have just perceived one aspect of the universe, ignoring the other. The truth is that the universe is expanding, contracting and static. The same applies even to inanimate objects. They only appear to be static, but they are not, as your nuclear physicists will confirm.

I have told you many times that everything in Creation is in constant movement. This may seem to contradict the statement that the highest form of existence, the state of being, is static and therefore apparently without motion. It is no contradiction, my friends, although I realize it is extremely difficult for you to understand.

In the highest realm, constant movement in all directions exists simultaneously with the static state. There is no movement in movement. And there is movement in no movement. This may sound utterly paradoxical according to human logic, but I cannot explain it any further. This too can only be understood by experience.


63 QUESTION: What does your world think about man going to the moon and other planets?

ANSWER: As applicable to so many things, it is rarely the thing in itself that is good or bad, advisable or not advisable. The questions remain always: How is it done? What are the motives? In what way will it be used, if it is successful? What is the direction humankind takes with the new knowledge that is acquired? Everything is contained in the answers to these questions. We cannot say it is good or bad. The answer always lies in the direction, the motives, the aim, the whys and the hows.

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