QA240 QUESTION: This week, our company took another joyful step into the New Age. Once again it was proceeded and accompanied by a severe and painful crisis. Can you further pinpoint the resistance and blindness in me, and in all of us in the company, that still chooses crisis as a way of changing that landscape?

ANSWER: Yes. The reason is that you have imbued yourself with the consciousness that standing up for the higher-self reality will ostracize you and will bring you contempt and loss. It is extremely important that you connect with this idea inside of you. That idea nourishes similar ideas in those around you and their ideas nourish your consciousness where it is geared in that way, all on a subliminal interchange level.

Only when you raise this fact, this belief, into a consciousness can you begin to oust it, to exchange it, to question it, to reeducate this part of yourself, to constantly doubt these ideas and implant yourself with the reality, which is that the will of God – the reality of the higher self – can only bring gain, even if there is a period of faith and patience involved until this new reality can take hold – first in your inner mind – so that it can then materialize in your life.

When you have that conviction and that strength, then you will affect the false beliefs of others, rather than being affected by their false beliefs. You will then be able to take the initiative, on a deeper inner level, to spread truth, not just in the words you say but in your inner belief system.

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