QA179 QUESTION: I’d like to ask a question about reaching people when they aren’t present. It’s been difficult for me sometimes when I’ve tried to talk to people when they’re not present, to reach them spiritually with very specific thoughts. As I’ve done it, I’ve felt that because I wasn’t at a certain stage or they weren’t, that I wouldn’t be able to reach them. And I’d like to know about why it isn’t possible, generally, to talk to people this way?

ANSWER: Because there’s too much insistence in you. These contacts are being made when the soul is relaxed and when it happens spontaneously and when it is least perhaps expected. All such experiences – whether reaching and communicating with others or any other spiritual experience or real, creative experience, in any shape or form – can always be made only when it is least expected, because then there is the right kind of inner relaxation there.

But when the soul currents are taut, when there is this kind of insistence there, where everything is contracted inside in the soul movements, that in itself will be the greatest hindrance. First of all, you have to learn to give up and let go. And not insist.

You also have to examine where does this insistence come from? What are the underlying dynamics here? There is a tremendous amount of distrust there, the kind of attitude or feeling that if it is not the way you want it, it is bad or “it must be that way” because otherwise it is terribly bad. That puts a tremendous strain on your soul movements.

The trust must be examined – in life, in God, in the world, in your own being – that even if it is not this way, there are other ways. Why is it so important for you to communicate in this way, for example, that you put so much stake in it at this moment? Have you examined this?

QUESTION: No, I haven’t. You’re right in what you say. I want to get to the cause of it and the basic fact of it and work through it.

ANSWER: Yes, that will be good. And in the meantime, if you want to communicate, you can do it in your everyday ways. You do not have to use these ways. You have to do the best you can with what you have available of your own faculties now, and not insist that your faculties are other than what they are.

There is also the whole question of self-acceptance that enters here, that puts so much strain on your being. One of the greatest keys and most important things for you at the beginning of this Pathwork is to learn this letting go. Then peace will come to you, and then the world will open up. Only then will you find out the truth of the law that by letting go will you find God, by letting go will you find that which you think you give up. But in trust, not in resignation!

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