QA225 QUESTION: I see the socioeconomic system in which we live rapidly crumbling. You have mentioned on several occasions that the New Age is coming and that not only will that New Age manifest spiritually, but also materially. Are there any societies or nations on this Earth that have already achieved the change that you have spoken of?

ANSWER: No, no, no nation has as yet done that. But in all nations exist factions that are ready for the New Age principles, as there also exist in all nations factions that are not. The groups in which New Age principles will most predominantly be lived by will be some spiritual centers all over the world.

But even there, there’s always the necessity to recognize and confront and deal with the tendency of the old, that lives within the consciousness of even the most ready New Age person. So there must be a constant battle there. And in the very battle is the beauty and is the unfoldment.

When I say “battle,” I do not mean that in a sense of war or hostilities. I mean this in the sense that you experience on your path of recognition, of confrontation, of exposure, and of always again and again inviting the divine to help and guide the inner processes, so as to transform the old stagnant tendencies that do not trust.

So the crumbling of the old is a constant process that is sometimes almost indivisible from the creating of the new. Often the new does take some of the old values, using them in a new structure, in a new modality, but still retaining some of them. For not all is to be thrown out by any means.

So it is a reconstruction very similar to the one that you experience on your inner path. The entity Earth is no different than the individual entity. You too do not throw out everything by any means. Quite on the contrary.

You find not only beautiful potentials that have not been realized, but you also find those potentials that are already realized and that you do retain and that you do use for the furthering of the process. It is the same with the world.

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