154 QUESTION: There are two experiences that come to my mind: one is orgasm, the other is death. It seems that the pulsation and vibration lead you to a point where these vibrations and pulsations cease.

ANSWER: It is an illusion that they cease. Of course, this illusion is much more difficult to establish about death because your three-dimensional orientation and perception is not geared to seeing that it is an illusion. You merely see the physical level, and that has indeed stopped living, vibrating, pulsating. You are unequipped to observe the consciousness behind the physical system, where living, breathing, pulsating, vibrating – and therefore thinking, feeling, being – go on and on.

As far as orgasm is concerned, it is certainly an illusion that pulsation or vibration stops. As I said at the beginning of the lecture [Lecture #154 Pulsation of Consciousness]: when the rhythmic manifestation of pulsation is not observable to the three-dimensional perception, the pulsation of various levels of consciousness is geared to different laws. Only when you become attuned to your innermost self will you perceive these manifestations.

There is nothing on the three-dimensional level that you cannot and will not experience by a further expansion of consciousness into different dimensions – whether or not this occurs in a state of physical death or while in the body. In fact more, not less, must be experienced, as the being expands and grows into further dimensions.

The truth of these words will become accessible in this life when you do not cramp up against fearful experience, but allow your innermost soul movement to continue to pulsate into the experience you want to deny.

As you all know from our work together, this fear of experience does not only exist regarding negative, painful experience. There is as much fear, and often more so, regarding the positive, desirable and desired experiences in the universe. Utter bliss, pleasure supreme, is feared to the extent pain is denied.

One who can accept pain, can endure pleasure. The two experiences you mentioned – death and orgasm – are the deepest experiences a created entity can go through. They are that because the ego relinquishes its hold and the individual surrenders to the cosmic, universal forces – in love and trust.

True orgasm is not possible unless this attitude exists. Healthy death only occurs with love and trust, and it then becomes a joyful, growing experience. It is easily observable that the healthier a human being is, the less he or she fears this total, trustful surrender. Such an individual experiences the greatest amount of bliss and also, does not fear death.

I repeat: the ability to stand pleasure, delight, ecstasy, depends on the ability to assimilate pain and frustration in an appropriate and truthful way, in the understanding that they are the production of the self. To put the same idea in different words: if you can meet your own negativity – your fears, anger, rage, the traits you do not like – in a rational and unexaggerated way, really meet it face to face and understand it, then you produce the love and trust I discussed.

To that measure, you become capable of experiencing delight, pleasure, happiness. There is a direct relationship between the two. You will invariably see that the person who cannot accept pain in a healthy, constructive and realistic way, cannot accept pleasure either.

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