QA136 QUESTION: I’m confused about security – I can see now a difference between childish security and adult security.

ANSWER: Yes, security has a connotation for you – and perhaps for some others here too – as meaning an unadventurous, uninteresting life. That which is reasonable also seems dull. That which is wise and has foresight and wisdom seems depriving of pleasure. While in your unconscious mind, you, at the same time, feel the pleasurable, the interesting, the stimulating is that which is unwise, irresponsible and childish. So how can you, with such a misconception, want to be mature and wise and reasonable and secure?

You constantly fluctuate therefore between the temptation of the imaginary advantages of insecurity and childishness and irresponsibility and the fear of it, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the fear or the desire for the well-being and security and the state of lack of anxiety – but at the same time the dullness and uneventful grayness of life you associate with this kind of security. Do you feel that? {Yes}

Now, that is a very helpful thing for you, because, you see, once you bring yourself, you can see immediately why you stop wanting it. Each and every one of you, my friends, whatever your desire is that you at the same time blocked with fear, you have some such misconception as I outlined in the last lecture [Lecture #136 The Illusory Fear of the Self] – the good versus bad, the two alternatives, which then turn into two equally undesirable alternatives. This is exactly what you have to find within yourself now.


QA166 QUESTION: With all the destructive negative forces that are occurring on the outside, if one has courage to go into one’s own inner space, will this implicitly guarantee that we will be able to meet all those things out there that come to us?

ANSWER: Yes, absolutely. There’s absolutely no question about it. I cannot be affirmative enough in this answer. To the degree you embark yourself on the inner voyage and commit yourself to the inner truth, your own truth, wherever you are at this moment – to that precise degree you are safe.

No matter what happens outwardly, you cannot only cope with it successfully, but you also will be an influence. You will yourself grow and expand even more. Nothing bad can happen when you find your inner treasure.

QUESTION: Even the mob?

ANSWER: Even the mob will protect you, or you will not get into the mob. That, you must, all of you, believe – and I think little by little, the truth of this can begin to be seen – that safety can only lie when you come to your innermost self, to that area where you are truly alive. You cannot get to that area where you are truly alive unless you awaken first pains and fears, for that is where you have deadened it.

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