QA237 QUESTION: The last question that I asked of you was about my sore throats. Those are gone, and now I’ve been manifesting cataracts in my eyes and a lump in my breast again. You said I have to give up the fear and the toxic attitude that I have. I’ve been working on my attitude of vengeance against myself in life and even stronger on my shame and my guilt of exposing and owning myself. Is this the attitude you were referring to? I would like help to make this more conscious.

ANSWER: Yes. I was referring to this, and you have done that work. And I will further say to you, my dearest friend, that in your fear there is a wall of disbelief – in your indestructible divine nucleus – in the meaningfulness of all things. That wall still keeps you separated.

You could use these manifestations to make this a wonderful new threshold and not react in terror to it and in shame and lack of trust. You can go very deeply into the very area you fear and dislike, the manifestation on the physical level.

This is very much related to what I advised in the last lecture [Lecture #237 Leadership – The Art of Transcending Frustration], about frustration. This may not be frustration in the ordinary sense of the word, but it is, in a way, a hardship, a frustration, also.

Take the area of your fear or of your discomfort or of your dislike, very calmly. Deeply sink into the outer discomfort on the physical level – into your reaction to it, into your fear of it, into your dislike of it. See the negative beliefs attached to it. Feel the effect of these beliefs.

Experience yourself fully being in this tiny nucleus that is this event or this manifestation, and go into exactly the opposite direction you usually tend to go, which is rejecting the event, fighting the event, battling the event. Embrace it. Go into it. Follow it through to its very end. Go all the way with it.

Give up all fight, not in a spirit of resignation or negativity but in a spirit of adventure and faith. Let this manifestation be a journey within your path and it will become a very new and wonderful experience. This is, on the one hand, not easy, but it is only not easy because your mind is so bent on doing exactly the opposite.

Once you accept this direction, it will not be difficult, for it is the natural way of all things. It is true transcendence. It is finding the inner meaning of your experience.

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