QA222 QUESTION: At the Center, we had some discussion concerning nudity, and my feeling is that in some way it’s very healthy and enjoyable, but that maybe there should be some restrictions placed upon it. I find myself arguing with people about it. I’d like to know what you can say to help me?

ANSWER: I really feel I do not need to answer that, because it is so obvious that you can really solve this within yourself very easily. I do not want to waste the valuable energy here for something that you can solve very easily. There is really no problem here. But if you personally will find you have a problem here – and I would say that is more likely – then, of course…

QUESTION: Yes, I need that too. [Prolonged laughter]

ANSWER: The personal problem is not even on the issue of the nudity. The personal problem is much rather one of self-righteousness, with both rebellion and authoritarianism wrapped in one, together. And there’s vindictiveness, as you know. This is all not new. It is an issue that becomes an issue for you, because you want to be right. It is not an issue in itself.

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