QA118 QUESTION: Could we say that one of the many reasons for somnambulism, or sleep walking, is self-alienation?

ANSWER: Yes, one of the reasons. That is very true. It is an escaping from oneself and, of course, there is never just one aspect responsible for such a condition. There are always several, which have to interact and play a role. In such a condition, the evasion, escape, self-alienation plays a role, and any number of other conditions which are impossible to generalize, because each case, as you know, is different.

QUESTION: What can be done, because I have a patient with this somnambulance?

ANSWER: In order to find the real root underlying cause, only such self-realization through the long and tedious path can yield the real cure, as in everything else, my friend. You know that there is no shortcut. And wherever man is burdened with a difficult condition, it is a long-standing result, a chain reaction, a symptom of symptoms of symptoms of symptoms which have to be traced back to the original core. And when that is found, the symptoms will disappear one by one. There is no shortcut.

QUESTION: Is it dangerous to touch him, to put him to bed?

ANSWER: Not if it is done softly and without frightening him.

QUESTION: I just snapped my finger and he went back to bed.

ANSWER: Well, this is so right, if this works. But again, every case is different. Each case may react differently. If you find that this works, this is fine. The important thing is that such a person should not be frightened. Even the word “dangerous” may be too strong. It may be a momentary shock that may not actually lead to a real permanent damage, but it is not advisable to frighten him.

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