QA211 QUESTION: I would like to ask you about our psychic group. Some of our participants feel that we should leave it as it is and we shall not allow any new people to come in. I personally feel that there’s something wrong with this. I would like to know what you suggest?

ANSWER: There is no possible reason why this should be an advisable procedure. And I would suggest that those of you who feel that way should truly explore their irrational, negative part in themselves who want to be special and who want to keep themselves excluded and want to create a kind of aristocracy and specialness and not deal with the oneness of true spirituality.

There is no reason on Earth that this could be a positive step. Everything that you think you can only accomplish in a small setting, you can much better accomplish when others can join, who also may have something to develop and who can contribute with their energy and with their consciousness.

I would not even venture at this moment to enumerate what the possibilities of negative motivations may be. It may be pride; it may be fear that you are less protected in an environment where you are more exposed from others. But there are certainly motivations that come from the little ego self, and I would say, question whenever such transmissions appear to be messages from guides, for they are truly not so.

QUESTION: Thank you. One more question. How would you suggest we should handle the lessons from the trance session that come through any one of us, either in trance or in automatic writing or inspirational? For example, there was, in trance, a guide who told us that you have to hurry up in developing because difficult times are coming, and this was questionable to me. So what would you suggest that we do?

ANSWER: You are right, my dear. You have a very good common sense, and that is the most important thing in order to deal with psychic development. If the common sense is lacking, then you are in great danger. There are always difficult times and always good times. Time is an ongoing thing, and it is an illusion anyway. Mankind will go through its development as it has to go through its development. There is never hurry, but there is always need for developed spirits.

But there is no specific need for specific people to do this or that very task. This is already suspect and comes from impatience, from pride, and from a desire not to deal with the self in its slow, developmental stages. The instrument through which I speak [Eva] has now been in this for over twenty years of intense development.

I do not say that it is necessary for everyone – the same amount of time – because what has been created would benefit those who follow. But nevertheless, the spirit of hurry is your greatest obstruction. There is no greater obstruction. Beware of such messages!

Now, my specific advice for how to treat transmission is, before you can expect to have reliable guiding through an instrument, a great amount of time and development has to have passed. And you will now attract many, many spirits who are not developed, but who may pose as such with a lot of bombastic transmissions.

If you do not have common sense and humility, you may get lost in this. It requires a very good grounding within yourself – within your feelings, within your common sense, within your concepts, within your body. Unless you have that and have a lot of self-criticalness, you will truly be in danger. You would be better advised to forget about psychic development. I cannot be emphatic enough about this.

As I said to my friends who I truly believe have great talent, one day, the day may come, if they go through the tests where they can truly fulfill a wonderful task, but the time is not here by any means. And at this point, as I have suggested, 95 percent of the development should be focused on the self-purification and five percent on psychic development.

This five percent should be mainly used to test the spirits and not just believe anything they say. Test the spirits and afterwards do not treat the spirits as though they were exalted beings simply because they say so. Test what is coming through. It is what is being said that has to be tested, and not who the entity claims he is. The who is completely unimportant. The what is important.

If you go through this, you will indeed have wonderful contributions to make, but so will many, many other people, and no one is special – neither this instrument nor any of you. Yet, of course, as I said in the last lecture, you are also all very unique; each one’s contribution is unique and uniquely needed.

But use common sense and humility and self-criticalness. About everything that comes through, ask, doubt, question, discriminate, think of what value is such and such a message. How does it really further your or anyone else’s development by saying such and such? For example, “difficult times may come” is something to frighten you – it could not possibly be in truth.

Or “you must do it in a hurry” could not possibly be furthering and could not possibly be in truth, because it would merely lead you to go very quickly. You cannot go quickly into your innermost being and transcend and meet and overcome your obstructions. That is hardly possible. So test what is coming through. Test the spirits openly.

And when you have finished with the transmissions, ask, “Why does such and such come through this particular person?” because there must be then a correspondence in that person that would attract a particular entity that would do this. Be prepared. You will have spirits who lie. Have the humility to accept this.

Do not let yourself be blinded by a childish competitiveness and pride. Be prepared that when you uncover pretentious entities, that they may need your help, and they will perhaps gratefully accept this help when you cannot be duped by them. This is what I have to say.

QUESTION: In conjunction with this, someone who proclaimed he’s the exponent of Seth, another spirit here on Earth, he insists that we need him, and he insists that our groups converge. I’m a little confused and there’s a lot of reactions. I’m not quite sure if we’re dealing with it in relation to the reactions.

ANSWER: I don’t know whose reactions you’re talking about. All I have to say is that an entity, a person, who is in this state, that is exactly what I was talking about. When people have partially a psychic opening and a spiritual preponderance, and partially a very goodwill and a developed consciousness, but then the other part in them is of pride and of self-will and of fear of dealing with the self in all its aspects, a complete split occurs. And self-aggrandizement to an incredible degree happens.

Then whatever true spirituality may have existed at one point is completely dimmed and left untended to. Anything that is true and real will never manifest in such a way. And I think the more you become preoccupied with this, the more you allow yourself to be drawn into the circumference of such a very sick individual.

If anything, you should try to point out that such a person desperately requires help. If that is not accepted, do avoid contact, because it will only needlessly exhaust your energies. And the reason you would be drawn into contact with such a person would be perhaps important, from your point of view, to examine.


QA211 QUESTION: Can you verify the relationship of spirits that are sometimes known as elemental to our lower self and to our work on the Path?

ANSWER: These entities do exist, and I actually discussed them before when I was talking about the psychic development group. These are aspects of consciousness that are incarnated into extremely dense matter – so dense that the matter that you’re dealing with on this level of reality, you cannot perceive it.

You see, you can no more perceive matter that is more dense than yours than matter that is less dense than yours. And whether you call these entities elemental spirits or whatever names you may give – lower developed spirits, devils – these are aspects of consciousness that manifest in such a way where there is very little developed consciousness added to it.

But they come to human beings only in exact proportion as people allow it – as they give in to their own negativity and destructiveness. Never, never are you a victim of any other being, whether human or unmanifest entity. So it is really not so important to deal with this outside of you. If you deal with it inside of you, you protect yourself against all negative influences in a real sense.

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