QA234 QUESTION: My question has to do with the cleanliness in the Center. Even though you spoke about it several times, it didn’t succeed in keeping the Center clean. We clean every Saturday and Sunday morning and a few hours later, it’s messy – people leave coats and records all over the place. We also have garbage cans outside. Somehow we don’t succeed. We don’t have the consciousness yet to keep it clean. Will you comment on this?

ANSWER: I will first mention that this is an expression of an inner state in which the uncleanliness of the lower self, the unpurified substance that you carry within in distorted thought material and in negative thoughts, manifests in an outer attraction to waste and waste materials.

Now, on this Earth plane, there is a constant turnover of a digestive process, and I do not mean this materially only. I mean this in every other way and on every other level. If you do not digest and assimilate your thought material and remove thoughts or attitudes or feelings that may have been useful at one time and have become obsolete, you create putrefied matter in your soul substance.

You hang on to opinions and views that are no longer valid, and they are putrification. In order to be in a constant state of flux and growth and expansion, thoughts and attitudes need to be constantly examined and reexamined and gotten rid of.

Likewise, the cleansing process in the body inside is, in the healthy organism, a constant one. Putrefaction of waste will not be clung to and an individual will not be unwilling to let it go if there is this attitude of openness and freedom to grow and to change.

When you hold on to waste material, whether that be in your outer environment where you do not clean up the premises, or whether that concerns your bodily habits of not cleansing your body in a beautiful and ever refreshing way, or whether that concerns your inner physical organs or your psychic organs, it makes no difference.

The desire to hold on to waste is very often a misplaced identification with the waste, a sense of “this is me – I do not want to let it go.” It is very important for you, my friends, to see if you do not let go of waste – again on any level, psychically, physically in your personal habits, or in your environment – you have attached a personal sense of selfness, as it were, into what is already obsolete, what already belongs to a state of disintegration and reintegration on another level.

You lose your real sense of self or you have to find it. If you find your real sense of self, you will have no trouble of letting go your waste, again on whatever level. Is this clear? Then you will have joy in the renewal and the cleansing process, for you will know the ever self-renewing reality of who you really are, and you can afford to let go.

Not letting go of waste and dirt is a representation of not letting go of an old attitude that gives you nothing but trouble and unhappiness. Perhaps all the individuals could look into themselves – where do they do this, within and without? And so the group consciousness could be raised and focused in meditation on self-renewal, on focusing on the real self.

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