QA232 QUESTION: With what we’ve spent on water-related projects in the past at the Center, that being septic systems, and what we’re going to spend in the future relating to water, it’s a tremendous amount of money. I feel it’s hampering our present growth, and I’d like your comments on that.

ANSWER: I would be glad to answer. If this were a dream, you would interpret this dream very simply, and that is really the meaning. Water, the flow, is the feelings. All human beings are very much afraid of feelings. The irrational fear says, “If I go into my negative feelings, my dirty sexual feelings, my beautiful feelings for God and love and truth, all of that is dangerous and it will cost me so much. I’d better not let my feelings flow.”

So your manifestation is truly a manifestation of a combined misconception that is prevalent in the human psyche. That is the answer. In knowing this, you can perhaps work on the misconception. Tune in to that false belief. See yourself withholding the flow because you believe it would be so expensive.

Once again, I must repeat what I have said so often. You cannot experience life one iota differently than what you believe about it. Your belief must become the reality. So you need to truly change your belief. You need to reassert, again and again, that you manifest here your wrong beliefs, and you can now bring into manifestation the belief of truth that your feelings are pure, your feelings are as healing as indeed that water is.

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