QA242 QUESTION: There is an ongoing process of planning to build a sanctuary at the Center. We’re very excited about it and we would like the sanctuary to be an expression of everything that’s best in us – the most noble, the most creative. Yet we are now still grappling very much. We don’t know the size, the shape. We really need guidance and help. We ask everyone for a visualization and I wonder perhaps if you could give us also your visualization? [Much, much laughter] Also, personally, I see the sanctuary as a high energy point that as we evolve and purify is going to be a place that perhaps we could make contact with other realities. Perhaps by building it, we could be aware of this and built it accordingly. There are a lot of things we don’t understand and we appreciate your comments.

ANSWER: The first thing I would like to say is that in a spiritual sphere, in a spiritual domain of reality, the structure already exists. Now, if you could tune in to this idea and feel the truth of this, more knowledge, more inspiration will come to you. Obviously, the physical structure can never, ever match the spiritual structure, the energetic structure. That would be quite impossible, for the level of matter is only a crude imitation of the richness and glory and beauty of spiritual reality.

However, you can, from your point of view, bring as much into the physical reality as is possible. Thereby, in addition to this physical reality, the spiritual reality will be perceived by you if you go deeply into yourself and allow yourself to experience it. The spiritual reality is of such vital glory; it consists of jewels, flaming jewels, which express your higher selves

The more you can approach this project in a spirit of purity, in a deliberate commitment and tuning into your combined higher self, the smoother and more beautiful will the physical structure become. And even more important than that, the more will it energetically contain the purity that will nourish all those who enter into its circumference.

Gradually, little by little, as time goes on, you will make improvements, and each of these improvements will be a coming through of the structure as it already exists in our reality. Many years ago, in your terms, I spoke about the fact that a spiritual temple is being built with each effort, with each soul that enters this Path, who thus fulfills his inner contract engaged in before birth.

Each overcoming, each decision for the truth and for the reality of your inner path, adds another building stone or jewel to this temple. That temple is your sanctuary. It contains all that you need. It is truly the product and creation of your efforts and of the best in you. It contains, not only what already was done, but what will be done. For on that level, time is no longer in terms as you experience it. And that is difficult to explain.

So I will not give you specific advice as to size or form. All of that you can do very well with your own inspirational channels. But what I will say to you is that whatever is being done about and with this project, should be done in a spirit of holiness; should be done in deep prayer together, in deep awareness of its meaning and its importance and its centrifugal point; that it is indeed a psychic nuclear point in your physical manifestation.

If you clean out your motives of competitiveness, of self-will, of self-interest, of laziness, or whatever may be there from your lower self, if you clean this out ever anew and ever afresh with each meeting, with each decision you come together about, and with the building of it itself, then you will indeed create something that is as near the spiritual structure as any physical manifestation could be. And you will experience this in the energy and peace and love and power – the power of the Christ. You will feel it.

Now, as you train yourself to do this with this project, it will indeed do much, much more even than this project, important as this may be. It will sift and move habit patterns, as it were, for all projects. You will not approach any project, any task, anything that needs to be done or built, in any kind of different spirit than the one you perhaps acquired the habit with, in the sanctuary. And that will then make everything you do holy. It will be touched by the gold of God.

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