QA220 JOHN PIERRAKOS: Some of those gathered here may not be aware about the process. And all of us would like to get an opportunity either to express their doubts – namely, to talk about it – or if they don’t want to be in the session, not to be here.

This session is related very much to the process of going in to a deeper state, very specifically Eva. It could be compared to what is called mediumship, but it is not really the type of mediumship that is known usually to be taking place these days, where people go in to have their fortunes told and predictions made and souls revealed and stuff like that.

These sessions take place only with the purpose of giving information about the relationship of man to man, and man to the universe. They are specifically for that purpose. Occasionally, when a person is in great need and stuck, Eva goes into this state to help the process of development of that human being.

So I would like very much to make this thing clear to the new people here, what it’s all about. And if anybody doesn’t feel comfortable being here, they are free not to be here. But if they want to explore the deepest recesses of these processes and what’s going on with each other here, they are very welcome. So are there any questions that we can answer?

QUESTION: Or even if anyone has any negative feelings?

JOHN: Or any negative feelings.

QUESTION: Because I know that when I first came to the Guide’s lecture and somebody talked to me about any spirit thing, I would have said it’s just bullshit.

EVA: Well, I did the same.

QUESTION: I was able, fortunately, to be able to connect with the people, where I could just let it be, without making any judgments, and somehow allow that place in me to develop because I didn’t have that contact. So if anyone does have those feelings, I think it’s very important to express it. Because they don’t have the same impact spoken as they do when they’re held.

JOHN: Or they’re hidden, when they are held in somehow.

QUESTION: Also, it’s very important to say that this is the source of the lectures.

QUESTION: How do we know this is not just the person herself?

EVA: It’s pretty easy to know when you read the lectures.

JOHN: She’s not that smart. [Laughs]

EVA: I’m smart, but not that smart.

QUESTION: The Guide said at one point that if you have any doubts or questions, don’t be concerned about it; it’s not really relevant. If you make a connection to the material, then you can take advantage of it. The process itself is not really relevant to the material.

EVA: It’s not a dogma that you have to believe in. A lot of people start the work and they have a lot of doubts about it, but it’s also important to have the doubts honestly and doubt your doubts, if you will. Very often the doubts come from a place where we’re really afraid of these deeper areas within ourselves. If you doubt and know that maybe the doubt is part of your whole setup, it’s okay. It’s not that you have to believe it.

QUESTION: Is the particular topic or subject for each lecture left up to the Guide?

EVA: Yes, I have no idea what is coming. But then it’s very interesting when you read the material and follow the sequence. There is a sequence; there is a progression. How many years is it now? – twenty years almost that the lecture material is coming through. It’s such a vast structure that the human mind couldn’t…I mean, to answer your question, for example, it would be absolutely impossible for any human mind to give a lecture that happens to fit for I don’t know how many people each time – each one maybe in a different period in their development, their structure, their personality. Their phase on the path is different, and yet, it is just what is needed, and I couldn’t figure that out.

QUESTION: Do you have recollection of what is said?

EVA: Afterward? {Yes} Vaguely, like in a dream. But I hear it on tape.

QUESTION: There’s a book out called How Things Work. I got hold of it, and it tries to explain, for example, how radio works, how television works. I read it and I still don’t understand it. I remember a long time ago I had those questions in mind. How does it work, how does the medium work and all that.

Someone told me then that what counts is what’s in the lectures – the words sound true. Then if you don’t know how it works, it’s a question we can’t really answer. We put that aside. That’s the way I feel. Because you can’t really explain – to tell me that electrons travel through the air and give you an image on television still doesn’t explain it to me. I still consider it sort of a miracle that happens.

QUESTION: I have a very silly thing. The incense bothers me. I came in all prepared. And I saw the incense, and I thought that’s too mysterious a realm.

EVA: Why is it so mysterious? A lot of people who meditate like to have a good smell.

JOHN: She feels negative.

EVA: It’s okay that you express it, but I mean it’s also important that you perhaps don’t make it mysterious. I mean, you’re the one who makes it mysterious. I don’t. I can go just as well in a trance without it. I just like the smell.

QUESTION: [Another person] Traditionally, incense was burned to keep evil spirits away, evil energy.

EVA: I don’t feel that way. It’s like music. If I go into the trance state and also hear beautiful music and have good vibes around and good smell. Actually outdoors I really wouldn’t need it, but indoors very often people have smoked, and incidentally, I ask you not to smoke while I’m in the trance state, because that bothers me.

QUESTION: I think that one point might be that you might have a misconception that to be spiritual is also to be austere. Eva has really helped us to break through that, as the dualism is in ourselves. It is simply a more pleasurable experience to have the smell and to have pleasant music. It’s really as simple as that.

EVA: Right. It’s very simple.

QUESTION: She enjoys life.

QUESTION: I just wanted to share with some of the new people about the first time I experienced the trance session. I had gone with a friend one evening. He said, “Come on. We’ll go to a lecture.” He hadn’t mentioned to me that Eva goes into trance or anything like that. We’re in the cab on the way to Eva’s apartment, and he says “Oh, by the way, Eva goes into trance.”

At that time, I had a lot of anxiety attacks. I couldn’t breathe – something simple like that! We walk in, and we sit in the first row, not the last row, but the first row. It couldn’t get any worse, you know. I’m sitting there saying to myself, “Okay, breathe, breathe, breathe.” And then the Guide came forth, and it was as if everything just sort of floated away, fell away – all that fear and anxiety. So if you have any anxiety, let yourself have it, but it will go away. I know it.

QUESTION: I think that the anxiety that I was bringing was laid to rest by what you said at the beginning. My anxiety was concerned with the idea of the Guide coming through and telling us what to do, instead of pulling it forth from inside me. So I feel a lot better.

EVA: He won’t tell you what to do. I can guarantee that.

QUESTION: Sometimes it reaches a point when we are actually begging him to tell us what do!

QUESTION: The only time the Guide ever answered specific questions about life and the universe, he proceeded it by saying that for years he refrained from that because we would use it to get away from ourselves. But now that our process has developed so that it’s impossible, he would do it.

QUESTION: How do you know that the Guide is a he?

EVA: Well, we feel that. I spent many, many years questioning myself very extensively, because I had a lot of doubts myself, and I’m not gullible. There is a lot of training involved, a lot of tests involved. Different people have different opinions – maybe it’s my own higher self, and I made room for that too.

But somehow I came to the conclusion, although I can make contact with my higher self in meditation, this feels different. In the trance state, after many years of probing, I came to the conclusion that it is not the same. It feels different. There is a different personality involved.

QUESTION: But how do you know it’s a male?

EVA: Well, I don’t know. We just feel that way. It may be beyond the he/she state.

QUESTION: Have you asked the Guide, more or less, who or what the Guide is or where the information is coming from?

EVA: He has been asked several times, but he never goes into that. He’s against making a personality cult. There are a lot of mediumships where they do put lot of weight on the personality, and they are always supposedly very big saints, or what have you. It’s not the orientation.

The Guide says again and again, “It’s what I say, and following that road, and not who I am. Who I am is really completely unimportant.” He never enters into that kind of discussion. He completely goes away from that, which I think is healthy.

JOHN: Cayce also never said – there was never a communication of the sources. There was all the time an attitude of giving the information and stopping there.

QUESTION: In relation to this, there are several entities who have come through Ray Stanford, as well as his own source, and they generally refer to themselves as the Brothers. Some of them give specific names. But there is one of them who just calls himself One Who Serves, and that’s the only name he’ll give.

EVA: I think that’s similar.

QUESTION: When Eva goes into trance, and the music is playing, she’ll breathe deeply and sort of fall forward.

EVA: For many years I had misgivings about it. I would sit down, feel very nervous that maybe nothing would come out. But it always works, so far.

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