QA199 QUESTION: I’ve recently learned about the concept of a daily record, and I would like to have your comment on how can we use the tool? What value can it be for each person?

ANSWER: The daily review gives you a very clear sustained awareness of your reactions, and subsequently of the meaning of your reactions. They show you exactly where you are on your path. They show you the phases you go through. They show you the glory of the Path, the meaningfulness, the intelligence that is at work as it unfolds.

They show you the living process that is involved as the Path unfolds. People who do not look at their lives and their daily reactions in that way miss the best part of life. They completely bypass the deeper meaning of their life and their life process and their task in life and their path in life and the beauty of this, the meaningfulness of this, and the security that lies in this.

As you start doing it, a new facility will come, in which you will recognize things you have never recognized. The excitement and peace that this will give you cannot be conveyed in words. It does require overcoming the line of least resistance, again and again and again, but it certainly is worth doing this – a hundred thousand times worth it.

Every day brings you reactions that you are so used to overlooking, to bypassing – they’re completely lost on you. Little by little, you begin to see and accept yourself, and understand yourself and the life process that you go through. Do this regularly. Ask each time before you do so for the help that your divine spirit is ready to give when you purposely ask and reach for it.

Go through the day by looking truly at what gave you reactions and what these reactions are, and eventually what is the meaning of these reactions. In order to make it easier and keep it consolidated, make little notes, key words, and bring those notes to your Helper.


QA207 QUESTION: I seem to be more aware of the blocks that I put on my talents – my musical talents and developing my business further – and I see myself stopping myself doing a lot of things that I want to do. I’d like to know if you have a comment?

ANSWER: My comment here is that it is not true that you are now stopping yourself more. It is simply that you are becoming more aware of the fact that you are doing this. Now, my suggestion here is that you try and attempt making the connection why you stop yourself from the joy, on all levels, as it were.

That must be connected with a specific attitude, with perhaps a specific fight and withholding that something in you doesn’t want to relinquish it. And that is the connection with holding yourself from experiencing joy. Are you at all aware of what I am saying.

QUESTION: Yes, I am somewhat aware and need more practical suggestions for each day.

ANSWER: Well, the Pathwork will give you this. It is not a question of giving you suggestions as to put in from outside. The work has to be done from inside. Simply listening to your inner path unfolding itself every day will furnish you with information if you make the daily review, you question yourself every day.

Where did you have an unpleasant or negative reaction? You really follow it through. You follow the traces. You bring this to your Helper. You ask the people you’re working with to observe you, and then open yourself up without being defensive about what you hear – that will give you the clue. That is the way you’re going to get your suggestion from within you.

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