QA253 QUESTION: Dear Guide, first we thank you for the beautiful lectures which also come to Holland. Our question is: can you give a message about the Dutch Pathwork? Can you help us in giving guidelines for our work next year, for instance which aspects we have to focus on especially, or which aspects are important for our situation in Holland?

ANSWER: My dearest friends. Your Path in Holland is blessed and protected by the Lord’s angels. You all feel and know this. You are all doing the very best you can. There is no particular emphasis that applies all across the board for the Dutch Path. The emphasis changes, as you change. It is the same here for the entity Pathwork as a whole, or the entity New York Pathwork, or Dutch Pathwork, or Washington and Virginia Pathwork.

These entities are living beings that change and grow, just as individuals do. And as with individuals, there are phases to go through in which more attention needs to be given to certain aspects. These aspects need to be purified to a certain degree before other aspects can rise to the surface and can be given attention to.

We might say that since the beginning of the Dutch Pathwork, the authority problem was the most outstanding one that applied to most of the participants. Much progress has been made in this area. This is not to say that there is not more to be purified in this direction. This problem applies to both leaders and followers. It is almost impossible to assume a relaxed and secure leadership when following still elicits resentment, distrust and rebellion.

So you may look into this again and again, for all of you. Another aspect to pay attention to is the element of competition – competition with the New York Pathwork itself, but perhaps also with Washington. These are just irrational feelings that exist in addition to the beautiful, genuine and pure feelings of unity and love that are so much stronger.

Each Pathwork entity – and there will be many more, as time goes on – will develop its own individuality, although it will be based on exactly the same principles and methods. As your Pathwork will become stronger, more purified and will grow in number, there will be new problems to solve.

This will be so because, as I said, new unpurified matter will rise to the surface, not only as a result of the rhythmic movement of your individual paths, but also because of the ever-changing circumstances that arise when a community grows in number, as well as in depth. At least such change should take place if stagnation is to be avoided, even though it almost always elicits feelings of fear and resistance.

The problem is to know when and what to change, and when and what not to change. Your inner guidance needs to be strengthened through an understanding of the possible pitfalls of your channels. You have to be wary of the subjective stakes that may color the messages. But as you purify yourselves in this manner, you will increasingly know God’s truth and God’s will.

I will be so happy to assist and guide you when the need arises. Do not approach your wonderful task with anxiety, but with trust, faith and confidence in the Creator and in yourselves.

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