235 QUESTION: I would like to ask a question that has to do with the Center. We are in the middle of a very complicated transactional situation in relation to acquiring the rest of the property in our Center. Would you like to comment primarily upon the complexity of this transaction, about the complexity that is preventing a clear and direct solution.

GUIDE: You see, my friends, the trouble is that I do not see it as so complex. [Laughter] What seems to you humans so complicated and complex is often nothing but the necessary out-picturing of doubts, fears, negativities, negation and denial, in the personal and the collective. But it is not so complicated. If you trust and do your best and just struggle a little bit with it, everything will flow, as it actually already does.


QA255 QUESTION: In the process of changing some of our legal advisers, we are being challenged to define our identity and tasks more clearly in terms of our spiritual law and the human law. We will then need to address and resolve some perplexing practical issues. We were deeply moved by your comprehensive answer about our new organization. Can you help us here to see and be in truth?

ANSWER: The earthly laws are sometimes your friends; that is, they are in accordance with spiritual law. But there are also occasions when this is not so. It is very important that you learn to distinguish when this is so, and when not, and beware of adopting a fanatic attitude in either direction. It is entirely possible to always follow the spiritual law, whether or not it is in accordance with human law.

In those instances when it is not so, you will always be able to find ways that will make it possible to be within the heart of spiritual truth and lawfulness, without jeopardizing your legal status. It is merely a question of being aware of this possibility, searching for the proper guidance, and seeing all the various alternatives that exist.

There is always a tendency, in all human beings, to have the pendulum swing from one extreme to the other. This tendency also exists among you, of course. And I want to caution you that you may avoid much unnecessary strife if you are aware of this tendency and therefore you avoid the exaggerated swings in either direction.

So, for example, the time budgeting could easily go from one extreme to the other. The same with the problem of using the Pathwork and the Center for self-serving, on the one hand, and then going in the opposite extreme, on the other. It is not right to make rules that might not be in real fairness – just because it seems the first solution at hand – in order to follow the human law. This would close the heart to real inner giving.

As I said, there are always ways that fairness, justice, giving, and receiving in proper proportion, can be found without violating either spiritual or human law. Only then can true service to God be pure. Divine blessings follow you every step of your way.

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