QA240 QUESTION: Many of us feel that the Pathwork is entering a new phase right now, that the transformation process has taken place to a large degree, and that we’re entering a phase of celebration, such as what took place on Sunday with the dance company. We were wondering if you could comment on this?

ANSWER: Yes. I indicated before that when a lot of difficult, arduous, heavy groundwork has been accomplished by the majority of our friends on this Path, the road becomes less steep and increasingly more beautiful. Then different necessities arise for the purpose of growth.

As certain obstructions have been eliminated, these obstructions no longer need to constitute the medicine. And I may remind you here, my friends, I have said on a previous occasion that man produces, through his errors and obstructions and misconceptions, these obstructions that are simultaneously the medicine he needs in order to transcend the obstruction.

In other words, the medicine lies in the attitude you choose toward these obstructions. Now, when this has happened a sufficient number of times on the road of a spiral movement of your path, then sufficient obstructions have been transcended and the road is clearer. Then the joyousness, fulfillment, happiness and celebration become the medicine. They can then be that medicine.

As you allow this to happen, as you let your consciousness accept this truth, and pray for your ability to sustain this truth, more and more of this celebration of life will occur in your inner and in your outer life. For in our world, all is constant celebration. Even in your world, the celebration is all around you if you but look.

If you look at the blue sky and the golden sun and the singing birds and the bursting blossoms, is that not celebration! As you express the joyousness of your divinity, that is celebration. It is the purest of all medicines, that is no longer bitter but sweet.

Now, as you expand on your path and you experience more and more of richness, joyousness and beauty, you will also be inspired – as you already have begun to be – to initiate very specific meaningful celebrations. You can call them meaningful rituals, rituals that are connected to the source, that are alive – not the rituals that have been cut off from the source and are followed as dead routine. I do not speak about those.

I speak about the connected rituals that are connected to the life stream of the universe and that bring through the deeper meaning of every celebration that you can think of. You will learn to particularly open your consciousness and attune to all those healing elements.

You will partake of these celebrations that will come more and more in a spirit of letting your soul be healed, of letting your being be infused with the strength you need: the strength you need to further confront every as yet hidden particle of your being; the strength you need to learn to love yourself and to forgive yourself, and yet face yourself in truth; the strength you need to endure the unspeakable happiness of loving and giving in the richest possible way, which alone can make you capable of receiving what is in store for you, all the time waiting.

The universe, the very air you live in and breathe in, is a live consciousness – at all times, God speaking to you, if you listen – speaking to you the words you need at any fraction of a second. What you will hear in one instant will not be the same as you will hear in the next instant.

It is the speaking voice of God that surrounds you, that penetrates you, and that makes you ready for the greater celebration of life. And that makes you see that even in what appears to be difficult, is the nucleus of love and joy and celebration, if you open yourself to it.

But specifically on your path, you do enter a new phase now. I think this is all very obvious to all of you. That phase will become very obvious. That phase requires, above all, your givingness and your receivingness: giving yourself more of what you can gain from this Path, from this community; giving this to yourself and by that, giving to others.

As you grow in this fashion, more and more celebrations will come through you – inspirations. And they will form another aspect of your path. The celebration is particularly geared to tapping the joyous forces of the ultimate reality. As much as you can, partake of these occasions that fill your soul and your heart and your mind. They alter the soul substance where it is disturbed and distorted.

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