QA254 QUESTION: We feel a lot of pain about the limited number of people signing up for the courses we offer. I have a feeling that we do not fulfill some inner condition which would draw the people to us, that there is an obstacle which we must be creating. My own sense is that in our announcements and presentations, we do not really own up to who we really are and where our guidance comes from.

We do not say that the institute is the outreach program of the Center for the Living Force, which is a spiritual community under divine guidance, whose foundations lie in a body of lectures given to us through the channel of Eva Pierrakos. I also feel that our neglecting to finish the sanctuary expresses the same disconnection from our core.

ANSWER: Some of your thoughts are true, there is no question about it. Fear of being ridiculed or of not being taken seriously does create hesitancy and a withholding in regard to owning the spiritual origin of this movement. The neglect of the sanctuary is a very real out-picturing of this attitude.

Meditation is not given sufficient importance, prayer is generally negated and denied, even by the most committed among you. This shame of the higher self needs to be eliminated. It is nothing but the reverse side of pride of the little ego that wants to be superior. Your sanctuary, in both Centers, if properly used, will create a new aura that will be very effective.

However, as far as the scarcity of the subscribers for your courses are concerned, there are also other causes and reasons, which you must all work out yourselves. One thing is clear: you are all a bit impatient and do not realize that anything of value needs to be nurtured and grown slowly.

There is much anxiety in some of you to make it work immediately in a fullness that is unrealistic to expect so soon. This anxiety springs again from a lack of faith. Build in faith with what you have and trust that it will multiply, as every aspect of the Pathwork has done.

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