QA249 QUESTION: The community is at present concerned with the time problem. We are all trying to find new solutions and alternatives. Can you add anything that may help us?

ANSWER: It is good that awareness of this problem is growing, for without awareness of a problem, solutions cannot come. You – I mean the community as a whole – have stated the problem in various ways, many of which are quite accurate. You have also received beautiful and truthful answers from some channels that you need to absorb and deal with, within your individual selves.

Different channels express different angles of the same problems. They are all important. Perhaps different emphases should be put with different individuals. You have to choose and decide what applies most to whom. To some, all the various answers, explanations and directions will be helpful.

I will answer from yet another vantage point which is necessary to be taken into consideration by all of you. When more individuals on this Path come forward and make the commitment which they are intrinsically ready for, the total picture of balance will shift. Take notice that I say “those who are ready!”

When an entity is ready for more than he or she allows for, imbalance accrues. There are many among you who are truly ready to give more, to be in a state of giving to a greater cause with a flowing, loving heart and with faith in the Creator. The holding back of those who are ready is, in a sense, much more responsible for imbalance than the assumption of more responsibility by others who cannot handle it comfortably.

Those who have too much on their shoulders may indeed have a problem that needs to be understood and resolved. There may be lower-self motives in this imbalance from their side. But there may also be an inner voice coming from the higher self that exerts pressure on them, and regardless of equally existing negative conditions in their soul, it is necessary for the greater good of the community as well as for their own task that they put all this energy into activities connected with the Pathwork.

It is important to understand this by all concerned. Every individual should ask himself or herself if they are truly giving all they are capable of giving to a cause that goes beyond personal ego interests. So often these ego interests remain unfulfilled precisely because of the contracted selfishness and ungivingness that no longer needs to exist.

If you want to give more, you will take on more responsibility, and this, in turn, will automatically give more freedom to those authority figures that you now resent, criticize and rebel against. Just observe yourself to what degree you are doing this. You resent the time and effort they spend on demanding issues, rather than sharing themselves with you.

You resent the money they earn because a childish, demanding part of you still wants to give nothing and receive all. It is important that you become aware of this attitude in you. Your understanding will release some blocks against establishing a better balance, a better modality. Do not continue to shift all the responsibility for this imbalance on those whom you blame for undertaking too much responsibility.

Your community is an entity in itself, and you all have established an imbalance. What I say to those of you who fall into the category of holding back your heart, your loving givingness, your sense of serving a greater cause, and – as a defense against the pain of this guilt – your making more contradictory demands on the leaders, is that this is one of the major reasons for this imbalance.

Your leaders should be magicians who should do what can no longer be handled without the help of those of you who are ready to help. At the same time, they should be free to be with you on a human level. They should charge their fees to suit the demanding child in you, which is your greatest problem. If you look at your irrational demands that hide behind your criticism, you will let go of a lever that blocks the flow of the total entity, the entire community.

It will then become easier for you to step forward and be who you already are on the unmanifest levels of reality. Bring these levels into manifestation on the material plane and you will greatly contribute to a new, healthy, beautiful balance in which time, money, energy, work and leisure are beautifully balanced. Every one of you should ask himself how he may be contributing to this now-existing imbalance, and what he can do to set it straight.


QA253 QUESTION: We have just finished a beautiful four-week training program. In our review of the program, we were discussing a difficulty we seem to have. In the training program and in the summer intensives, we have tried very much to follow the guidance you have given us regarding the daily schedule of the program. We experience this as a very tightly packed schedule, with hardly enough hours in the day to get it all in: classes, sessions, morning warm-up, time for relaxation, work period, etcetera, plus all the things that seem to come up in the course of the program – need for Helpers to communicate, etcetera.

It feels sometimes cramped and inharmonious. We feel there must be a place where we just aren’t tuned in – either we err in taking your guidelines too literally or else we haven’t found the proper consciousness in terms of active and receptive principles in daily life. Could you help us with this problem?

ANSWER: Both are true. There is an anxiety in most of you that you will not be able to get it all in, or that it may fail, or that the participants may find fault with you. These undercurrents do create a slight disharmony that, in turn, creates a franticness, which further leads to a disconnectedness from the divine peace, harmony and balance.

It is also true that sometimes my guidelines are taken too literally. My guidelines are to be taken as just what they are: guidelines, suggestions, hints. They must always leave room for the unforeseeable, for the inevitable circumstances that could not be all planned ahead of time. So it may be necessary to spend more time on one activity, at one time, and on another activity at another time, according to need.

Be flexible, tune in on the actual need of the day, become receptive to these ever-changing dynamics, and yet keep the general structure I have given in mind, so that what was possibly missed on one day because of a specific need, can be made up on the next day. The venture is truly blessed, as you can all feel so clearly.

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