QA191 QUESTION: The nature of this work has been based a good deal on the emotions, on getting in touch with our emotions. Recently this element of the Force has entered the work. I would like to know, first of all, is there a difference between the emotions and our working on our emotions, and this energy force which seems to be of a different order – unless I misunderstand it? Just as this energy force, if we open up, can affect us – can even affect our emotions in a way depending on our openness to it – is there a way to utilize this energy force in conjunction with the emotions, even for ourselves?

ANSWER: I will try to answer this question in the best way I know how, because there is partially, of course, a correlation and partially it is not quite the same. The emotions or the feeling self is that which moves in you and is, of course, energy. In that sense, it is related to the Force which is also energy.

But there are many, many different types of energy in the universe. The emphasis on the feeling self – in the general development of mankind at this period in evolution – is so important, because the feeling self has been negated for a long time. And in the evolutionary progression, this was very meaningful. This was quite as it should be.

I said at a previous time, on one occasion, that in its most primitive stages, mankind had to be concerned first with the outermost level of the material manifestation – and that is the level of action. Action, of course, is also energy. Everything is energy. It comes from energy and leads to more energy. It transforms energy and mutates energy, as every activity in the universe does.

Therefore in the earliest time of mankind, religion – or what was passed as that – was always considered with the doing of man. Then came a period where the development deepened and the mental levels of the human being had to be mostly emphasized. This is when Jesus Christ came and taught it is not enough that you shall not kill in act but even in thought, making clear with this that the thought is energy, the thought is reality, the thought is a thing of great power.

Because before, mankind was content with right action but often had very negative and destructive thoughts. Also the mental ability of thinking and distinguishing, and of making abstractions, was still very low. After this emphasis on the mental processes of man – not only in behavior or the nature of his thoughts, but also in his capacity to think and evaluate and distinguish and discriminate – when the level of the behavior and the level of thinking progressed to a certain degree, the emotions, the feelings, were still very much at variance with the mental capacities and the acting level.

In the last hundred years or so, emphasis began to be focused on the feeling self. And the feeling self has to be awakened. This is the present phase of human development. It will continue to do so until more of a unity between the acting, the thinking, and the feeling self has been accomplished. When that unity is more safely established, only then will the personality be whole enough and healthy enough to fully open up to the inner world of spiritual reality, of the spiritual self.

Of course, the phases overlap. It cannot be clearly distinguished, that it is always one after the other in very precise borderlines. There is still, even now, much emphasis at times that has to be paid on the right relationship between thinking, acting and feeling. Thinking also includes, of course, willing. Willing is part of the action and part of the thinking.

The Force we are talking about here is an energizing helpful current that is gathered, concentrated, utilized and focused, wherever there happens to be the greatest need, according to the person and where the person is on his path. The importance of the feelings is very apparent, if you consider that this is the last stronghold before the inner involuntary or spiritual self can take over.

Here is the important thing, the thing that is so hard to explain: when the ego self is still exclusively at the rudder, then it is the mind that makes the decisions. And even if the mind is relatively in harmony with the feeling and the acting, as long as the mind exclusively decides, discriminates, distinguishes, perceives – lives, as it were – life is still impoverished and separated.

You must make room for the inner being – the involuntary being – to manifest within you, to guide you, to direct you. Not only in your actions and decisions, but also in the thoughts you think, in the feelings you feel, in the fullness of experience that you avail yourself of. With every experience that comes to you – be it painful or pleasurable – you adopt the proper soul movement; you do not make it more nor less; you do not manipulate with your mind; you listen to this inner being.

This is the full integration – when the inner being can live through you, think through you, be through you. In order to do that, you have to calm your mind and adopt an inner listening attitude. And you have to endure the fact that something moves within you that is not determined by the mind – that you do not will with the mind what you ought to feel, how you ought to react, and so on and so forth. But that you allow this “something else,” that comes from the center of your being, to move you.

A person who cannot endure a painful feeling can much less adopt the listening, tuned-in attitude to let something else move through him or her. This is why there is, indeed, a very direct correlation between the integrated, healthy, affirmed feeling self, which is a pre-stage to the realization of the involuntary divine self, as it manifests through the person.

The Force can be given wherever it is needed. And since the need is greatest at this moment to remove resistance, to allow involuntary manifestations to take place, this is where the Force will now be mostly directed. But at a different period of history and evolution, the same Force, the same energizing Force, would be directed on the mental level, or on the action level or will level. Does that answer your question?

QUESTION: Yes, I just would like to go one step further, if possible. That is, is it possible – just as you give the Force which can be a healing force if the person is open – for the person himself to get in touch with this force in himself and use it, even if, on his emotional level, he is not as fully developed? This force can be like a healing force if he can use it himself, if he just gets in contact with it without necessarily even understanding it. Is that possible? Do you have to reach a certain level emotionally?

ANSWER: I will answer your question here. Of course, it is not only possible, but it is also the ultimate aim, that the integrated human being is not dependent on anyone outside to activate this Force. This Force will be a constant flow that enriches the life of the personality. The reason that this special influx was made possible at this time was that, on the one hand, so much goodwill has been generated, so much progress has been made, that an additional little helpful push was lawful, within the scheme of universal laws.

On the other hand, if you have access from within yourself to this Force where you are most blocked, what would probably happen is that you could use this Force not where you are blocked as much, as if you open yourself up, and especially if this is avoided out of embarrassment, shame of exposure – the very reasons that would have to be overcome in order to make this Force more potent.

For if such an exposure is avoided out of reasons of vanity, anxiety, fear and separation – even though you can generate a certain amount by forcing yourself – then the chances are not very likely that it could be beneficial where you need it most. You would, perhaps, use it in other ways.

But this is why it happens many times that spiritual forces that are very powerful, that are generated, help a person to grow very much in certain ways, while he remains stuck in other ways. Because he cannot make the step that requires the greatest overcoming of resistance. He wants to avoid that, and avoidance has never yet led to clarification. Whatever it is one most fears and resists against, is what is the essential thing necessary, and that often becomes the very stumbling block.

QUESTION: I feel that we do a lot of battle. We go to battle with our defenses and inhibitions and so on – at least I do. My question is, is there any way in which we can encourage this Force we’re talking about to be a more positive Force. In order for something to grow from a hard earth, we have to keep spading at the hard soil. Is there any way in which we can encourage the other?

ANSWER: Yes, yes, there is, of course, a way – the way I always emphasize – and that is awareness. There is no other but awareness. Full awareness of seeing the defenses, of seeing the battle, of seeing the protective devices. They’re always so subtle, so ingrained in the psychic structure. The person is so conditioned to them that he cannot see them.

It often takes a long time of search and of mirroring and of working with others, and of exposing oneself to the vision of others without one’s defenses – or with as little defenses as possible in the framework of all this work that is conducted here – that one becomes gradually even aware and observant of the battle, the defenses, the hiding, the subterfuges, the subtleties of the games.

Only as you observe them, acceptingly, can they loosen their grip on you. Only as you observe them can you simultaneously meditate and state that you wish to plunge into the apparent danger of being without those defenses. Go into the danger of letting yourself be criticized, if this is what you fear most. And, of course, everyone does, because the emphasis on the appearance is still so strong. But observe your own inner, painful reaction to criticism. Question the veracity of this reaction. Allow it to happen.

Take any other painful feared thing in your relationship to others and risk doing it. Observe your reaction as you do, calmly. Don’t make yourself do things or not do things. Just let it happen and observe it. Observe your battle. Observe your screaming inside. Observe the voice that says, “No, no, no! I always want praise. I always want love – unconditionally and endlessly.”

Observe these voices in you. Acknowledge them. Own up to them. And you will already be in more peace than when you deny the voice that is there all the time, and when you then suffer the pain of it, doubly. For the actual pain is not, let us say, the criticism or the exposure or whatever it is in all of this. But it is your fear of it, your denial of it, your battle against it, and your battle against yourself that you should feel that way, that you should not be already above this state. That is the real pain.


QA199 QUESTION: I feel stuck in a conflict that seems never ending. I feel part of me wants to be able to accept my own spirituality. Then there is another side that hates that spirituality – really just hates, constantly. And more than hates – I love to hate. When I hate, I feel safe. What I really am is afraid. I need help desperately to find the courage to take a chance; that really is where I am and I really want help.

ANSWER: Yes, my son. I will say to you first that as you meditate, realize that hate is a tight, contracted firmness which gives you the pseudo-safety. Love is an open, flowing movement, which seems uncertain and is therefore fearful. The more you bring out the irrational hate, the more you will be able to have the courage to let yourself flow in the movement of love.

For that, the Force be given. Let it gently happen to you. Do not do it with your ego. Let love happen from within your heart and follow its currents. You will carry something with you that may first be a bud, a seed, and it will blossom as you go on. You’ll make your struggle more meaningful. Be blessed, my son.


QA199 QUESTION: I just connected with why I am so frightened to come up here. I’m afraid that you won’t give me the Force. It’s not what the Force would do, it’s that the Force won’t come to me. I feel very much the child in here, and I need help. I need it so much to accept myself with my negativity and my spite, my hate, my blaming of others – all this negativity. And to give up this self-will so I could feel the divine will, and go with why I’m here. Please help me.

ANSWER: Well, the first thing I say to you, my dearest friend, is it is so hard for you to feel, because you’re doing, in your way, an inner thing, a busyness of producing feelings and reactions, almost compulsively. What I suggest that you learn and concentrate on, every day, is to let yourself inwardly calm down and not produce feelings, neither positive nor negative.

Stand the uncertainty of not even knowing what you feel, until from the depths of your being, something will eventually well up. Allow yourself to be empty, because you fear so much that you are empty. And if you can face this fear and let yourself go into the emptiness, trusting it and risking it and waiting for something to appear out of the emptiness, there will be an inner focusing, and feelings will come from within you and make themselves known. This is the advice I give you alongside with the Force. Be blessed, my dear. Be in peace.


QA199 QUESTION: I’m very excited by the realization that help is given to us from the other side. You have mentioned many times that there are many entities in the room. Can you comment upon their creation of the Force given, the process?

ANSWER: This can, of course, only be done to the degree that is commensurate with the attitude of the human beings involved. There is a lawfulness. But still, there’s always more given by the Spirit World than the human being extends. That is the grace of God in the lawfulness.

So the task of many of the spirit helpers is to cleanse the energy system for the transmission – the energy system of the instrument as well as the participants – so that an openness of channels exists that can let the tremendous power of the spiritual force come through, to some extent at least. With this influx of energy, you human beings can work to make yourself more open and more receptive so that proportionately more energy influx can be given.

The same applies, of course, to consciousness, since the universe consists of energy and consciousness. The consciousness of individuals is only open to such a degree. If there would not be a gratuitous “more” given by the Spirit World than there would be exactly lawfully possible, humanity would remain stuck. So it is always that more can be given, but that more has its limits.

It must still be in accordance and in proportion with what is coming forth from the human being. What exactly this proportion is cannot be explained in words. Suffice it to say that it is always a little more, and sometimes much more, but the limit is the same. You cannot be given much, much more than you make room for.

Your consolidated efforts and positive investment into your path, into your development, into giving toward life from yourself, can create that much influx. And the task of some of the spirit beings is to cleanse the energy system so that power can come through.

Others’ task is to bring knowledge and truth. Others’ task is to measure, to consult with other beings about the individual’s life task, to evaluate: “How are you doing, everyone? How are you, in proportion to what you have taken on before you were born? Are you fulfilling your plan? To what degree are you moving toward that end?”

I mean, it is actually really quite impossible to convey the intricacies and the investment involved, because the human language is limited and you cannot grasp it with the ego mind. All I can say is that the effort is tremendous and the importance of what you are doing is tremendous. For each one of you who fulfills his own plan contributes to innumerable others to help them fulfill their plan, and thus speed up the evolutionary process.

These are not just words, my friends. This is stark reality. And once you realize your own power, what an instrument you each are, how instrumental you are to contribute, you will not feel this as a burden. You will feel it as a privilege, which will help you to want to be adults, to want to contribute. It will help you to see that the giving is the force and the beauty, not the receiving.

These are not holy goody-goody words. This is reality and truth. Also, you will then see that the giving does not mean not receiving. It means richest receiving. But the central effort must be on the wanting to give, not because you want to be good and comply, but because that is the beauty.

Perhaps you can make yourself know what you already know in your heart, and therefore expose your wish to contribute to life with innumerable possibilities that are in you. Giving is a privilege and a freedom and a security and a richness. Give to life. Give to yourself. Give to others. Give to your God.


QA211 QUESTION: I ask for your help to go through the pain of seeing my mother die without losing what I have gained in happiness. It is so difficult for me. I am falling back into a misconception I have nurtured that I’m only being fattened up in order to be slaughtered – that the happiness that I have gathered is going to be taken away from me. I’d like to help her, but at the same time, I want to get it over with. I’m afraid of it and I’m asking for the Force to be able to feel and not be annihilated by it, and to give to her.

ANSWER: No one can take away but you yourself. God is in you, in her, in all that lives, in all that is. Know this and you will feel it. Feel it and you will know it. Feel your pain without concept, without thought at this moment. Just let it be, and do not produce thought over the pain. For the thought in itself, the misconception you build here, is in itself a manipulation, as if you wanted to cry out into the universe, “My misconception should be the weapon, so I will not have to feel bad.”

Trust the pain. Trust it. You will trust it if you do not make something else of it. Be with it, flow with it. And as you go through it, you will see there is always light at the other end. I want to repeat truth I have often said – that life is not just a manifestation here, and your contact with your mother has, at this time, outlived itself. You have to let it go.

If you cannot let it go, you cannot gain further expansion. Life and living is cycles. Only as you grow in awareness and in your inner evolution will you allow life to go from one phase into another, and let the last one be behind. Only then will you see that that is an illusion where you lose truly nothing. Your mother is a wonderful soul. She has learned all she needed. This Force goes also to her. Be blessed.


QA214 QUESTION: I have built up in my mind the strength of my self-destructiveness, and I have an image that I cannot break it. And yet I found that it is very easy to give up my self-destructiveness, until I contract against the easiness of it. I want to commit myself to letting go of the false image of my self-destructiveness, and trust in the openness and the easiness and the organic quality of the process which is for my own good.

ANSWER: I would like to say a specific advice to you before I give you the Force. One of the difficulties you encounter in your self-hypnotizing, self-feeding attitude of how difficult it is, is a misconception that you think that if you really make the commitment to wanting to give up the self-destructiveness, this has to be done at once and for good – once and for all. And this, of course, is not possible. It cannot be done.

I have said this many times, but these things are easily forgotten. Maybe if you prepare yourself to expect of yourself that you inevitably will forget, you inevitably will fall back into an old habit structure, but that you will use each time you fall back as another tool to understand, to see, to learn of yourself, to understand the connections better – and that you thus will make it, little by little and not all at once.

In your expectations that it must be all at once, you must despair, because a part of you knows that this cannot be done. Now, in this attitude, with this advice, I give you the Force. It flows strongly and beautifully for exactly that purpose, that knowledge, that ease, that realism – that you need not do it in one step; that the beauty of the development lies in the many little steps; that you can accept the many little steps; that you do not make impossible demands and expectations on yourself that you know you cannot follow through, and therefore you give up.

So you can go into it reasonably, sanely, gradually, self-acceptingly, without the sense that it is tragedy when you fall back. It is simply falling back, giving you another opportunity to learn more about yourself in this respect. For this the Force is given. You are blessed, deeply blessed. Your life is blessed. Be in peace!


QA214 QUESTION: I want your help very much. For a long time I’ve had a very strong fear in myself, a fear of madness, and I feel like I’ve built up a shell of bitterness and resentment. I now see that it’s avoiding my feelings that gives me this fear, and avoiding the deeper feelings gives me the bitterness. At this point, I have turned away entirely from my family. At the same time, I feel I turned away from feeling loved and loving, and I want to have the courage to go back and really accept them and accept myself. I find it very hard to do.

ANSWER: Before going back outwardly can be meaningful, it is necessary that you make peace inwardly with yourself and with them and with life. Otherwise, the going back will merely be an outward gesture. Not that you should not do that, because that too may bring out feelings in you that will become very useful, very helpful for you.

But the important thing is to bring the inner conciliation that is stuck due to a specific false idea which is responsible for your wanting to avoid your feelings, and that is responsible for the bitterness and the blame, and that is responsible for the underlying self-hate.

That false idea can simply be summed up in the following sentence: “If I do not get exactly what I want, it means that people treat me badly, are unjust to me, and that it is an unjust world or that I am no good.” It must be either that or the other. It is very important that you bring out this false concept, this false idea that governs and nourishes your bitterness and your fear of your feelings.

Because if you are afraid of your feelings, if you are afraid of madness, the fear of madness is nothing but that your false idea is approaching its ultimate absurdity where life cannot go on, on that tangent, any longer. Something has to give to truth. I advise that you find that, that you work with that, and for that I give you the Force. Now, can you state your commitment to wanting to be in truth, that you give up this bitterness because the idea is wrong behind it? Can you make a statement to that effect?

QUESTION: I do make a commitment to really going into the deepest part of my blame and seeing how it is in every part of my relationships with people, and to see it first and see the absurdity of it, and see the untruth of it, and replace that with a sense of myself and a sense of my own life and my own creation.

ANSWER: And see that matters are not questions of right or wrong. Others may do wrong things. You may do wrong things. They may be imperfect. You may be imperfect. But it is in the way you perceive and experience it that creates the blame. For this I give you the Force.

Open your heart and open your mind to the truth of this, so that you free yourself of blame and bitterness. You do not need it any longer. You can live without blame because you can feel your feelings – your feelings of pain and sorrow, your feelings of love and bliss. You can feel them. You are blessed, my child, deeply blessed.


QA214 QUESTION: I have a very deep fear of giving up control. I try to control everything around me. And when I come even close to seeing the possibility of giving it up in little ways, I cut it off, because I have this misconception that maybe I’m going to go off my mind, go crazy. Along with it, I have this grabbiness to grab everything that I can, because I’m afraid that I’m not going to get it if I don’t grab it and control it. And I know that I won’t progress unless I go further in trying to open up and release the control.

ANSWER: My suggestion to you is a meditation in the following attitude, the following vein: “I have faith in the wrong thing. I have faith in my ego power, which in truth is so limited, and I lack faith in that which lies beyond the ego.” In order, my dear, to make that bridge, maybe you have to be prepared to see certain negative attitudes in you that you are afraid of, that you fear will come out if you give up control.

So your commitment should also be to the total self, and that you meditate and wish the guidance that there is nothing in you that you need to fear, regardless of what it is. Facing it will deactivate the negative power so that you can then bring forth the divine, creative attributes and abilities and influx. Now, can you truly want to make the commitment to all of yourself, for that is the only way fear of giving up control will cease?

QUESTION: Yes. Yes, I would like to make the commitment of facing my total negativity.

ANSWER: And the best in me.

QUESTION: And the best in me.

ANSWER: Both! It is not either/or. And I give you the Force. Open your being. It is flowing forth. It is a very special Force. You will be able to work with it. You too are being blessed. You too are given peace. As we continue, can you tune into yourself and listen with your inner ears, the inner ears of truth, the inner ears that know so much more and hear so much more, the inner ears that function you when you go into your inner being, where you’re free from the falsities, from the suspicions, from the negativities, from the jealousies, from the competitiveness, from the blame, from the false ideas. For in your innermost being, you are free from them.


QA218 QUESTION: I would like to make a total commitment to give up my negativities, to give up my vindictiveness, case building and maligning. I feel I’m ready for it, I’m willing, and I need help to follow through. And the other thing is that I cannot commit myself to life, to giving. I have a lot of pain by this holding back. I’m committed to my marriage; I’m committed to my personal path; and there I have peace and I can take a lot of hardship, but not anywhere else where I have to move out to life.

ANSWER: Yes. There is a direct connection between the two. The negativity you mentioned is responsible also for this manifestation, because when you want, for example, to build a case, how can you then move out and give. It is an opposite movement.

Concentrate on the first aspect of your commitment – of really wanting to let go of the case building, of thinking deep inside on a feeling level how hurtful it is for you and others, how you deprive yourself as well as others, how the energy is wasted in an extremely futile way, and how beautiful this energy could function for you if it were channeled in letting go of the case, in letting it be, in reserving the judgments, and allowing the knowledge to come from within.

This is a self-discipline that will come gradually, and for this, I give you the Force. For as you will let go of these cases and the blaming and the judging and the victimizing and the punishing and the anger that is in there – as you let go of that and experience a different mode of being, in place of the old one, then your giving will come much easier. It will be a natural sequence. You can let the Force into your being and let it enliven the meditative process that exchanges a truth for a falsehood. Be blessed.

QUESTION: I’m very scared.

ANSWER: There’s nothing to be afraid of. It is illusion. Dispel the illusion! Know it is illusion!


QA218 QUESTION: I have come to a place where I have experienced that the power of my negativity is very great. I feel, on the one hand, that it gives me pleasure. I like it. And on the other hand, it’s very painful, and I feel the pain of it. I feel how I withhold from life; I withhold from giving to people; I withhold from giving to men. Instead, I’m demanding. But I do long for the pleasure, the real pleasure.

ANSWER: You are launched here on the right road. You are going to find out now, increasingly, that the pleasure of negativity is really an illusion. Not only is the price high and the pain devastating, and so the guilt, but also, it is really no pleasure at all. It seems that way, and that illusion, you’re going to find out.

What you’re going to exchange is the real pleasure of living – living in reality, which means everything that life is, even for a human being who is not perfect, who has problems to overcome and to purify. Yes, there is even pleasure in the hardships. There is pleasure in the difficulties to overcome them, to give your best to them, not to be a crying, complaining baby but to be an adult human being who uses his or her resources to give to the situation. That is real pleasure.

And then, of course, the pure pleasures the universe is ready to extend – these pleasures, the real way of living – are waiting for you. The Force given you will make it much easier for you to see more and more how the illusion of the negative pleasure is really an illusion, so that it is not hard to give up, so that you can give the best of yourself to every situation. With this, I give you the Force. You are also blessed.

All of you who have received the Force and also everyone else, maybe you can give yourself, every day, a few minutes in which you focus more directly on the inner voice of divine consciousness and listen to it, listen to it.


QA221 QUESTION: I’ve recently discovered just how much my will is divided against itself. The most obvious manifestation is the way in which I’ve deprived myself financially, despite ever-increasing conscious impulses and desires to enrich my life by giving to myself and to others. In attempts to understand what the block was, I came up with a voice that feels that I am totally unworthy of anything, that the fundamental feeling is one of tremendous guilt. I feel maybe that I’ve come into this life with guilt from something in the past. I don’t know.

ANSWER: I will give you the Force. Before doing so, I would like to suggest that you make a commitment to want to give up that exaggerated guilt, that you want to give up punishing yourself, that you want to be in truth with yourself, and face that which makes you guilty with a sense of realism, and without dramatization and exaggeration.

The vague sense of guilt is a means to avoid precision about it. And only if you can be precise about it will you not have to exaggerate it and wipe yourself out from the face of the Earth, as it were. So maybe you can make such a statement.

QUESTION: Yes, I think that’s very much part of what I need to do – give up the exaggeration of the feelings, the dramatization – and I’d like to make a commitment to do so.

ANSWER: I give you the Force that you can see all of yourself in truth, and therefore love yourself and respect yourself and give to yourself, for only then can you give to others and can you give to the universe. You are being blessed. Open your heart and take it with you. And if you repeat that commitment, again and again, the Force will have its ongoing, retrospective power. Go in peace.


QA221 QUESTION: It feels there’s a part of me that would like very much to go out in life, to claim my birthright, claim my dignity. But there’s equally another part of me that is very afraid of it, and I freeze up. I know there are certain aspects in me that I hold onto very strongly. I feel I’m still raging a fierce battle with my father. And I want to hold on to it. Also I play the victim in my relationship with people, and then I justify being angry. It all ties in to the very same problem. I would like the Force so that I can overcome these parts in me.

ANSWER: What is your commitment?

QUESTION: My commitment is to give up my father and let him go. I want to give up my anger. I know on one level that I am not a victim, that I really have very much, that life is very good to me, and there’s no need for me to stay angry.

ANSWER: I would like to add something to this anger. The desire to be the victim – and with a silent blame and the self-pity – means anger without wanting to take responsibility for it and risking the results that it may cause. If you openly admit your anger, the other person may be just as angry and stronger and punish you and have power that you fear you may not match.

It is that particular syndrome that keeps you locked in that game of the victim – the anger without wanting to risk its consequences. You want to be angry in a safe way, and this creates a lot of self-contempt. There is somewhere inside a voice that says, “I am a coward.” And it is not necessarily even the very dramatic badness; it is just a mean little self-contempt that makes you look down on yourself. It is that that keeps you back.

Now, as you make the commitment to go out beyond the narrow fences that you have been accustomed to, I say, look particularly at that aspect and pray for the courage to take consequences. If you are angry, you do not have to be right about it. Nor do you have to shift the responsibility away from you. You can look at it, and you have the strength to go through the consequences. You have the courage to do that.

As you deal with that, that negative aggression can turn into a positive one, and you can truly move out. Because if you cannot move out, it is because your aggressive movement is stuck in that syndrome. And for that I give you the Force. Feel yourself strong and courageous in a positively aggressive way. If the negativity comes up, you can express it and take responsibility. You can admit the littleness of it.


QA221 QUESTION: I’m afraid of myself, of my soft feelings and of opening up. I recognize that the present state of my health has a lot to do with this. I clog myself. I want to have the courage to open up and be with my soft feelings, flow with them, be with their beauty and trust them. I ask the Force for that.

ANSWER: The Force is given. Take it in. Visualize yourself in a state of open soft flow and being completely secured with a new centralized resiliency. You have that potentiality, as everyone else does. Brittleness is not strength. The brittleness is defense and weakness. The true state is the soft flow and the enormous strength that lies there. For if you are in truth with yourself, there’s nothing you cannot be. You are being blessed. There’s a wonderful power and flow streaming toward all of you, my friends. As you open your heart to it, it will reach you.


QA222 QUESTION: I want to really make a commitment to surrender, to give up my demands that I get what I want, to commit myself to all of my feelings, to finding pleasure and joy in my body, to finding pleasure and joy in life. I want to commit myself to bringing out the No I have and transforming it into a Yes, and knowing that I’ll have a great deal of pleasure and excitement in this. I want this particularly as it applies to money and sex. I can further go into my negativity, opening up my No’s, my secrets, and my withholding. And that’s the commitment I want to make.

ANSWER: Yes. As I give you the Force, I will also give you a meditation whose essence you may, in your own words, use again and again. “I say Yes to the universe, to its beauty, to abundance, to love and fulfillment on all levels. I deserve it; I can have it; I want to give all of myself, the best of myself, to life, and want to be guided in this endeavor by my innermost God. I reach out receptively to all that is around me and within me. As a happy fulfilled individual, I can be an instrument of God – and only as such – and help and give to others. I do not need my cases; I do not need my blame; I do not need my No. I say Yes.”

As you thus meditate, more and more will you feel that Yes from within. Every single individual who succeeds in transforming a life-denying attitude into a life-affirming attitude becomes yet another instrument in the cause for the spreading of divine light. So it is of the utmost importance that you be happy, my friend.

You cannot be happy to the degree that you withhold the best in you. To whatever degree you withhold, to that degree you make yourself incapable of receiving what the universe has to give. And to that degree you withhold from the universe and from others. As needy unfulfilled individuals, you cannot give.

So I say to you, and also to all of you others who can use this meditation in whatever way it fits you at the moment: realize your happiness is a necessity for being a beacon of light.


QA222 QUESTION: Every time I ask for the Force, I ask with a very clear conscience and I really want it. And every time, it’s really helped me. This time it is more difficult, because I feel I have given my total commitment to the spiritual, to the intellectual, and to the emotional aspect of the Path. But my body is lagging behind. I always have this difficulty moving my body.

ANSWER: As I give you the Force, I will also give you a meditation, specifically geared for this problem. “My body is a beautiful expression of my spirit. It is the vehicle my spirit has chosen so that the spark of the spirit can all the better come through this vehicle. I must and will and choose to make this vehicle an appropriate receptacle for my spark of light, the eternal light of my spirit.

“This eternal light cannot work its way through unless my body is in harmony with the laws of the universe, unless there are no blocks and obstructions. There’s nothing to fear but my own fear and misconception of this. I choose to give up this fear and misconception. I allow my executing will to go in the direction of the will of my inner higher self, to give my body a chance to become compatible with the strong beautiful light of my inner spirit. This is what I choose to do, as I will do it and can do it.”


QA232 QUESTION: I feel a real change in my life. I feel more secure and confident than I ever have before. But at the same time, I feel that I don’t want to give up my cases against my mother and father. As a result, I feel that I am often frustrated in my relationships with women, and that I don’t see myself as a full creative and happy person.

I also feel the pain of the forcing that my image produces. I would like to commit myself to taking the risk to the death of negative pleasure and my ego. I would like to ask for the Force to help me to take the risk to expose my deepest feelings towards women, and also to face the pain of humiliation.

ANSWER: As I give you the Force, while it is flowing within and without, I have a few things to say to you. In the first place, it is not your ego that dies at all. Quite on the contrary! What will die will be distrust, spite, hate, fear, vindictiveness.

As you wish to punish, so must you fear to be punished. For it cannot be different. That wish and that fear will die. When I say die, I always mean transformation, for there is no death. There’s only transformation. So that will not mean that your ego dies.

Your ego will become enriched and more infused with your higher self, more strongly grounded in your higher self and its reality. That is a very important concept for you to envisage. For you truly believe that your ego must die, and that is a substantial aspect of your resistance. It is not true.

Another error that is contained in what you said, and very significantly brought forth, is what you said about humiliation. As you are in truth, there will be no humiliation. There will be humility. And it is precisely this confusion in you that makes you resist humility and hearken unto pride and stubbornness.

You confuse humility with humiliation, and you think by giving up your pride, by giving up your stubbornness, by giving up your cases and your blaming, that you will then indeed be devastated in humiliation, and that the only thing that prevents you from being humiliated is this prideful, stubborn, blameful, self-pitying holding. That is, of course, only one way of expressing hostility.

But the truth is that the humility is not humiliation. Humility is an absolute prerequisite in order to experience your strength and your true manhood.

Yet another key, as the Force is flowing forth, is the idea that when you blame and build up cases – on a very primitive level and not even so far unconscious, but I might say quite conscious – you believe that the other person or persons will then finally see how they have wronged you. They will regret it, they will ask for forgiveness, and they will come to you and make up for what they failed to do.

That is such an illusion. It does not work that way, ever, in reality. For the more you blame, the less will others be inclined to give you love, and the more stubborn they will become on their point of view.

These reasonings and these interactions and responses may not occur on a conscious level, openly, although it is not unconscious. It is quite visible, the true interaction, if you choose to see it: the more you blame, the more you get rejection and resentment, and you are mutually engaged in the vicious circle.

So realize, my friend, that the blame will not accomplish what you want. In fact, it will do just the opposite. And perhaps that too will help you to let go, instead of having that false security of your blame and your cases and your complaints. Open up for another alternative that will rise from the depths of your innermost being, that is already there.

It will rise into your consciousness where you will operate with different reasoning and different perceptions. Give yourself the chance by letting go of the cases and the blame. And for that I give you the Force. It is done. You too are blessed.


QA234 GUIDE COMMENT: I would like to say a few words about this process that is taking place here, when there is an interchange and a mutuality of your commitment that creates one kind of force, and a Force that I am allowed to give that complements it.

Now, in the first place, I think it will not be difficult for you, my friends, to discern that also those who do not receive the Force directly can be greatly helped by what is taking place, by the new attitudes that can be formed and that have a special energetic strength in the way they are coming forth here, and that can aid you greatly.

The other thing I wish to say is, as this Force fuses with your own force, with the hearts and minds of all of you being here, with all of you so sincere in your noble struggle to fulfill yourself and your potentials on this plane of life and existence, many different configurations and forms emerge from these energy currents, that meet very strongly.

Perhaps if you let yourself tune in with your deeper mind to what some of these energy formations are, you will intuitively perceive them with your inner organs, and perceptive and sensitive organs in your energy bodies. You will perceive differences with whoever receives the Force.

They will be gentle flowers and suns and stars of shapes you have not encountered yet. They are strong currents of forceful energy formations and swirls – very specific forms, impossible to describe, but they exist – and your knowledge of them will come from within, as you allow this perception to occur.


QA237 QUESTION: I want to be open to your help and to your love. I have a lot of pain. The problem is the part of myself that tries desperately to gain my fulfillment from outer things and from other people. Equally, part of myself blames other people and life for my pain, and this inevitably doesn’t work. I feel there’s a source of strength and joy and truth within me, and I feel that I’m ready to take the step to live from that part – to trust and to know that all good things will come from there and to give up that old way. I want to take the step.

ANSWER: It is such an incredible joy for us in our world to see how you, my dearest friends, one by one, follow through this Path and come to this crucial crossroads, when the direction is changed. The direction is changed from seeking from others to seeking within, from depending on others to depending on the reality of your own inner divinity.

This inner divinity becomes a palpable reality in your life as a result of making room for it, as a result of opening your perceptive faculties to it, as a result of paying attention to this, to begin with, as a possibility. You then can change your direction from hating to loving, from wanting to blame to wanting to see other alternatives and interpretations of events that will not lead you to hating but to understanding and seeing new connections.

That is the adventurous journey that brings you into the one and only place from which all good can come. And that is the Christ within, the God within, the power within, the love within, the wisdom within. Indeed you receive the Force for this.


QA237 QUESTION: Lately, I’ve come in touch more and more with my longing to surrender into my true being, to become a woman, to have mutuality. I see how I deny myself this by pretending to myself and to others that I’m incapable, that I’m worthless, and that I have to get all fulfillment from the outside. I see that I’m violating a spiritual law by wanting this. And yet, I feel it’s very difficult to stop. I resent it, I feel spite, I fear to change. I want to ask your help to change, to have the courage to see myself differently, and to see my beauty and my strengths that I know are there.

ANSWER: As the Force is flowing and fusing with your own commitment, I would like to say to you a few words on a specific trap you have built here, inadvertently, as it were. As you instituted this habit of underestimating your value – as this self-devaluation became habitual, second nature, if you will – you began to resent the very thing you are addicted to – namely, to get whatever you want from the outside.

Then, in turn, you believe that all outer affection would have to be given up if you seek first from within, so that you have created a dichotomy here that becomes very frightening. Either way you turn, you seem to be stuck. If you turn within, you experience the fear of having to give up what you think you should give up and what you actually would not give up at all. Only the emphasis is changed.

It is not true that you give up being loved and appreciated by other people. You think you would have to give this up. This cannot be true. No human being can live without love and companionship and warmth and appreciation. But it has to be generated as a result rather than a cause of everything. If it is the cause of everything, then you become incapable of moving out of this trap.

On the other hand, if it is all to come from others, every positive movement you make, every step of active contributing to the world around you becomes resented. It seems as though this is a humiliating price you have to pay, only because you are worthless; had you any value, you would not have to pay the price.

This, therefore, affects all your activities in your life – professional, in whatever area – that each giving is experienced by you as a humiliating price for affection. It is, of course, a distortion. In that way, you defeat the success, the relating, and everything you yearn for. For in everything, active contributions must be made, whether it be a relationship or whatever.

The active will to move out, to creatively contribute to the situation in whatever way, must exist without resentment, without the fear that this is only a price exerted by you because you have made bad with it. There is a very deep-rooted confusion in you. Perhaps you could work on this more specifically in your Pathwork. I give you the specific Force and blessing that you can truly comprehend what I say and apply it and change this.


QA237 GUIDE COMMENT: I would like to say a few words about this Force. It has been a long time since I spoke about it. I would like to say here now that it is a very specific universal Force that can become extremely powerful and extremely activated to the degree the commitment comes from within. The rays can then fuse with your own rays – the rays of your positive commitment.

As you feel into this inner universe that underlies all manifestation, you will become more and more attuned to this reality and extend this encounter. For what you receive here when you came in front of this instrument, through the instrument’s hands, continues to exist, and you can reactivate it every day of your life.


QA238 QUESTION: I am rigid, unbending, ungiving. I justify this stance by seeing the world as a very hard and cruel and grabby place. I recognize a voice inside of me which says that since this is such a cruel place, I must be very rigid about the important things in my life – very, very firm. I have known about this voice for at least two years, and it’s been saying “I am right and I am going to stay right here.” I have not been able to muster the courage to seriously challenge this voice. I would like your help to be able to see on a much deeper level, and trust that the world is good and beautiful. I would like to be able to give and flow from my soul.

ANSWER: As the Force directs itself into your heart – into your divine nucleus – to make it stronger, penetrating the dark layers of fear, distrust and misunderstanding, as the Force flows into you so as to make your own inner force flow out of you, so I say to you, do not ever underestimate the power of love. It is the greatest power that is superior and more effective than all other forces or powers in the world.

When you love, you can recognize the negativities of others without hating, and protect yourself without defenses of rigidity. When you love, you can say No without guilt. Your misconception is that when you are in a state of love – when you love and when you are open and flowing – you have no right to say No or that you will be blind.

That is a specific misconception that you need to specifically challenge. That misconception stems from your own demand that you issue forth into the world that says, “If you love me, you’d never say No to me.” Now, you have the strength and the resiliency to accept a No, and therefore you can freely love without fear of enslavement. That consciousness you can now create in you, and for that I give you the Force. With that realization, being open and loving and trusting becomes totally safe. I see you in this new state. It will emerge, as you allow it. You have received the Force. You are blessed.


QA238 QUESTION: I’ve accepted a new job in which I’m going to take a lot of responsibility and have to give a lot creatively. It’s the kind of thing I’ve been looking for for a long time. I’ve been visualizing it, and now it’s happening. Part of me feels very excited and happy, and the other part is in a state of terror and panic. When I get frightened this way, I just absolutely freeze up. I feel I can’t do anything.

My lower self really wants to keep me down. I don’t want to ever be criticized. I don’t want to ever make mistakes, and I don’t want to ever struggle. Yet I feel like I’m on the verge of a change in my life. And I would like the force to help me to trust myself. I want to be able to trust my feelings and my intuition and my creativity. And I want to be able to express myself openly and honestly.

ANSWER: As the Force is given here, I also suggest this very simple commitment and statement in concisely pronounced words every day: “I am willing to give my best. I do not demand special privileges in which I avoid the struggle of growing and giving. I have the humility to be human, to make mistakes, and I trust my ability to learn from them. I give my best to my daily task in my work, in my relationship, in my marriage, and last but not least on my path and to the world of God. I give in to this higher will and follow this higher will and trust this higher will.”

To the degree you mean this, it will become easier and more joyful with every day. What now seems frightening will be nothing, for the fright is only an expression of your negative intentionality. The positive intentionality that is expressed here will become stronger and completely overtake your person.

That is possible with your decision. Think how easy it is. You can simply decide that that is the way you want it to be. The discovery of the lower self gives you the power of choosing the other way – not the lower self’s way, the other way – the way of fairness, of reality, of truth, of justice, of decency. And that way, you cannot go wrong.

To the degree you commit yourself to that attitude, to that way of living, all fear must vanish and the new expansion will become more and more comfortable. It will become your own familiar home ground in which you create better and more pleasurable living conditions for yourself and for those whom you love. The Force is coming through and uniting with your goodwill. You are blessed.


QA240 QUESTION: I want to give thanks for the beauty that I feel in my life, and especially for the opening that I feel in my heart, for your sweet guidance. I want very much to bring this beauty that I feel and this truth into my work, into my task. I feel very stuck in this area, in my creative flow. I’m aware of my inner No that still believes that my fulfillment lies in my spite and my bitterness. I believe there is a relationship between my inability to remember certain childhood memories, feelings and experiences – of being very blocked there – and my inability to let go to the will of God. I fear the pain that may be experienced if I let go.

ANSWER: No pain could be greater than the pain of spite, of the No to life. That is the unbearable pain. The other pain is sweet and flowing and soon becomes infused with the eternal pleasure of aliveness and of love that permeates all there is. Just visualize yourself in the Yes, and this beautiful commitment in prayer that you expressed, visualize yourself in this state with vigorous strength in total emotional comfort of this ecstasy. Thus the Force is given and you are blessed.


QA241 QUESTION: I want to give my thanks and gratitude for the gift that I may receive tonight. It has taken me many years to have the courage to come and ask for help. I have uncovered much of my lower self. I see my spite and my cheating. I feel my No to life. I see and feel a tremendous energy system that says “You will not succeed.” I feel a great deal of pain and sadness about this.

ANSWER: As the Force flows into and towards you, I’ll say to you, if only you – all of you – would know that each such clear acknowledgement of the lower self traits creates the greatest of joy in our world of spirit, among us who are your friends and your helpers and your brothers and sisters.

For that is indeed the way that it already ceases to exist. When you know you hate, your hate is already of what you may call your past. When you know you’re spiteful, you’re already no longer quite so spiteful. So cultivate the awareness, and in this awareness, feel the awakening part that can now freely express your love, your affirmative qualities, your devotion to your Creator, and your deep, conscious, deliberate infusion of the Christ – within and without – as the consciousness that nourishes the world. You are blessed.


QA242 QUESTION: I feel happy to be here in spite of what I feel I need to say. It is a measure of my guilt, pride, spite, rage and mistrust that I have not asked for your help before this. I am in a deep crisis and though I feel infinitely better, all my the other lower self attitudes – lying and cheating, manipulation within myself – seem to be reaching new heights. I want to commit myself to proceed onward, to go through everything I need to go through. A great deal of this has been focusing on Eva and I have a good deal of pain about that. I commit myself to surrendering to her.

ANSWER: I say to you – as the Force is flowing toward and into you, strengthening and sustaining you, helping you – that it is so amazing how blind human beings can be. What you believe is a crisis and a new suffering and pain, is just exactly the opposite. It is exactly where you have to go. It is exactly what you have to do.

What you struggle so consistently against, that you would not until now – with all the encouragement and all the guidance you had – trust yourself enough that you can afford to look at aspects of your being that are only parts of you, which you call and re-call the lower self. But unless this is being done, you can never trust yourself – you can never be secure in yourself.

How can you ever trust anyone else, unless you trust yourself – or anything else, for that matter. So I say the very fact that you are now aware of the lower self and can say it outright is not the crisis – although you talk yourself into it that it is. If I were you, I would rejoice. [Much laughter]

QUESTION: I accept. I accept. [Amidst much laughter]

ANSWER: Not only is it not a tragedy, but it is truly a victory that finally you have come to where you had to go all along. And that is indeed the doorway to your real higher self, not a pretended imitation or mask. So I say to you, I bless you with the Force given, and invite you to cultivate that spirit of joyful acceptance and of trust that this is a part of you that you are now truly strong enough to see for what it is – without denying it but without exaggerating it that that is all there is to you.

You can do this, right now. It is a choice of attitude. You can dramatize it and exaggerate it, or you can rejoice in a truthful spirit of: finally you have gotten there.


QA242 QUESTION: I feel right now very aware of my negative will and the way I indulge in it. I feel the sadness of my positive will where I want to say Yes instead of No to life, but I keep saying No, intentionally – and I indulge in it. I indulge in it by not working and keeping my creativity inside; I indulge in the No by not really caring for my children; I indulge in the No in stuffing myself; and also in smoking cigarettes. Every time I do this, I feel sad that I do it. I really need and want your help in challenging this negativity in these areas specifically.

ANSWER: As the Force becomes operative, commingling with your own commitment, I say the following to you in regard to what you expressed: there is this part in you that should by now not be so difficult to concisely experience. It is an infantile attitude that is extremely enraged about every slightest little difficulty or effort or discipline or frustration or whatever.

All the things that you expressed are nothing else but the voice saying, “I will not tolerate anything where I need discipline, where I have to say No to something in me.” So you say constantly No to the wrong thing. It is not that you should not say No, but it depends what you say No to.

Do you say No to life? Do you say No to living? Do you say No to constructive contributions? Do you say No to putting out effort and maturing in your outlook and trying to understand what a particular frustration may teach you? Or do you say No to your self-indulgence and your childishness? That is the big question.

What you need to shift is the direction of your No. This is a choice. And as you avail yourself of this choice, every day you take perhaps two or three incidents where you actually say No to the childishness, the demands, the self-indulgence, and so on. And then also you can explore the misconception that you cultivate; that you constantly nourish by this attitude; that you never give yourself a chance to see that it is a misconception; that all the things you say so vehemently No to are not to be dreaded or denied.

They are something your soul actually yearns for and needs, even if it is but a temporary medicine before something more pleasant tasting can be needed and nourished. But it is not even half as unpleasant tasting as you think it is – and your indulgences are the real poison.

You have now the available information in order to change directions and will currents, and start living and not deny that saying No to your indulgences is also your happiness. Your distortion is a deliberate and habitual kind of game in which you think – or want to think – that that would lead to deprivation and it is punishment because you are a bad person – that you have to do this and give up that.

You encase yourself in a total prison in that way. Open the prison doors, my dear. You can do it now. You can do it by taking in a much more constructive adult view to every issue of decision – where you say Yes and where you say No, what you say Yes to and what you say No to.

For this I give you the Force and I give you blessings. I say to you, you have a choice of going through a new doorway every day of your life, in which your life can begin to blossom and flourish. This is the blessing. Go in peace. You have received the Force.


QA242 QUESTION: I really want to make a commitment to the love and the strength and the beauty that I can really feel inside of me. But I alienate myself from people and completely negate this inside myself by demanding from other people to give it to me, to notice it in me, to bring it out in me. I want to give myself and I want to give my best to those around me.

ANSWER: This commitment also draws forth the divine forces commingling and sustaining and helping to bring through into manifestation this commitment. Perhaps it would be the best thing for those who have come here tonight to stand up together and all of you issue forth a great YES – yes, to yourself, to all of you, and say the words: “Yes, to myself, to all of me.” Say it. It is important to say it strongly.

QUESTION: [Said by many] Yes to myself; yes, to my inner self; yes, to all of me.

ANSWER: Yes, to the best in me. {Yes, to the best in me.}

ANSWER: Yes, to the worst in me. [With great laughter, in unison] {Yes, to the worst in me.}

ANSWER: The worst will become the best. {The worst will become the best.}

ANSWER: I need fear nothing. {I need fear nothing.}

ANSWER: I trust my God. {I trust my God.}

ANSWER: I am God. {I am God.}

ANSWER: This has brought forth great and beautiful energy and it is now a real expression that most of you are ready for. You are blessed. You have received the Force.

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