QA257 QUESTION: Three different events have happened recently in the Washington Pathwork community. On a deep level, I sense a connection but am not able to verbalize it. Could you please give us guidance on these problems, if there is a connection, and what we need to learn from these events.

First, two weddings – my own included – were treated as a community event and led to much deep work throughout the community. The ceremony, and the feelings worked on both before and after it, were beautiful. But the other events happened shortly after.

Second, we have been disturbed by the passive and negative attitude surrounding the reading of the lectures and Q&As in Washington. Training class members are required to attend, but very few other members of the community attend. And those who do attend sometimes fall asleep. The energy during the lecture or Q&A is very low. It feels like something is missing.

Third, we have had a large number of accidents recently. Two of the women were involved in separate automobile accidents. Someone broke his ankle seriously during a training group. Another woman had a seriously premature baby. And another woman was hospitalized with a serious infection.

ANSWER: Let us discuss first of all the problem of attendance to the lectures and question and answer sessions. On the most obvious, but surely not unimportant level – although it may sound superficial – there is simply an ignorance about the enormous benefit derived when a group of dedicated people join in a spirit of love and search for divine truth.

Healing forces, regenerative forces, palpable blessings stream forth. Has Jesus not said, “When two are together in my name?” Your struggles on your path could be made so much easier if you could come together in this spirit of deliberate commitment to the force that is brought to you when you imbibe what God is giving through this channel.

It has not always been that way in this original community either. The same resistance existed and had to be overcome. You need to cultivate this consciousness; you need to discuss it; you need to take it into your meditations; you need to face in you how you resent this unnecessary obligation because you believe that reading the lecture fulfills the same purpose. You need to challenge this assumption.

I also suggest that the person reading the lectures and questions and answers is very inspired to do so, truly desires to do so, feels an inner call to do so, and studies the material a little before, so as not to read it cold, so as to avoid flatness in the rendering.

Another suggestion that might prove helpful would be that everyone in your community may once in a while deliberately journey to a lecture or question and answer session here, and be conscious of the strong vibrations, the mood, the atmosphere, the attitude, and the clear enrichment that takes place. They will then bring this spirit to bear into your community.

The mishaps, accidents and difficulties you describe have no direct or immediate bearing on this problem except that there is, of course, always an inner resistance to change, to face unpleasant aspects, to give up destructive habit patterns and pseudosolutions. This resistance is also the cause, on a deeper level, for making yourselves ignorant of the benefit that a spirited joining at these occasions could bring you.

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