What is the best way to get in contact with people in the Spirit World, or for contacting the Spirit World in general?

The Guide: I would suggest there is only one really constructive way and that is sending them your love without seeking a contact. Because such a contact may not be good for them nor good for you.

If there is this tremendous need for establishing such a contact, it should be investigated. What is behind such a need? For it is not growing, and it is not going with the flow of living, which must carry both participants to new shores – which does not mean disloyalty and forgetting. It is not a guilt you load upon yourself, of going forward and releasing a loved one in love.

Seeking contact is often a forceful holding back and may not be constructive at all. There is only one real worthwhile contact you seek, and that is contact with God. Contact with God means contact within, with your innermost being, your real self. Everything else is given unto you and must take care of itself.

Being absolutely in supposed need of contact with a specific individual may often be self-will and may happen out of motivations of which you may not yet be aware. Perhaps you seek to eliminate your doubts in a continuity of life by establishing such a contact. That may be part of an unconscious reasoning why this is such a necessity.

But life holds so much promise here in this realm and in another realm, wherever the love runs on. These realms of consciousness can only be fully explored if the psyche learns to go with the flow and not to hold back time.


I would like to ask about restitution to loved ones in the Spirit World. Apart from what you told us we can do, can we dedicate certain actions to them, or how can we help them to understand that we have understood, that we want to make restitution?

The Guide: Whenever thoughts of truth prevail, coming from such insight, there is no difficulty of communication. Even with people in the body, you will no longer find it difficult to make yourself understood. Why then, should this present a difficulty, merely because someone has shed the earthly covering, the earth-dress, so to speak?

There is even less hindrance, because a condensed mass of matter is removed, and so access to your thought material is more easily available. Thoughts of truth have the power of light, the clarity of crystal-clear water, and therefore penetrate all hindrances. Physical matter is much less of an obstruction – whether between two people in Earth matter or between one in it and one without it – than are psychological obstructions.

Once you have thoroughly understood your guilts because of your inner renewal and change, your understanding and increased scope of awareness will make you realize, without the shadow of a doubt, if a special action might be indicated, or if restitution should merely be in expressing your thoughts and changed feelings.

What counts is your inner understanding and your willingness to change, doing the hard work of overcoming the resistance; constantly being on the lookout for signs that your psyche resists such change; the recognition of your fright of such change, and the cause of it – where you believe that the destructive attitude is a necessary protection for you in order to cope with life. If you really see all that, go through all the stages that lead you to such deep insight, the change has already begun to take place.

In this change, restitution has already begun, even before you undertake any action of restitution, such as expressing your regret, such as making up in one way or another. In one instance, definite restitutive acts, that perhaps cause you some hardship, will appear as the solution – and you will do so freely and happily. In another instance, talking to the person, also in spirit, will suffice, provided the sincere will to change has been established and begun to take form by the process of discovering your fear of change.

If you truly want to make good for the wrong that you have inflicted, you definitely will find ways. Sometimes restitution will be made toward a person other than the one you have wronged. But the wronged one will benefit from that as much as if you would have done it toward him or her.

For, in truth and in divine reality, there is no difference between one person and another person. What good you do to one, you do to another. What bad you do to one, you do to another. Jesus Christ has said these words, and other great spiritual teachers have said it in different words. It is the human being’s blindness and error to believe that if you love another and are good to that person, that this loved person will not be affected by the selfishness, or cruelty, or indifference you commit toward an unloved one.

What you do to one, you do to another. The loved one is as much affected as you yourself are. By the same token, your good deeds, your productive attitudes, your genuine feelings affect all those who are open, who do not obstruct.


We know that when we are asleep, often the Spirit World teaches us or communicates with us. Is there any way of remembering these communications? Is there a way of training oneself to be more open to receive them consciously?

The Guide: There is not a particular way, other than the one you are following. This Path gradually makes you more aware of yourself and of spiritual truth, as such. Increased awareness will bring out all the knowledge that is within yourself, and this includes knowledge that is given to you during sleep. Only by understanding yourself can given knowledge be fruitful.

Otherwise, at best, it will have no effect; at worst, it might even harm you. By a systematic method of increased self-awareness, a condition in which you are open to knowledge coming from within yourself is created naturally. Instruction from the Spirit World during sleep is one form – there are others.

You may not necessarily remember the instructions immediately or directly in the form they were given to you. You may not recollect having been at a certain place, receiving certain information or advice or teaching. In fact, it rarely happens that way.

The way you will remember it, without being aware as to how this new knowledge came to you, will be that sometime after the experience, you will come to insights you did not encounter before. The experience in the Spirit World is due to your past good efforts. It is a positive chain reaction.

If your entire attitude and life direction is geared to self-development, knowledge will come to you at certain periods of your life. But it has to come out of your own psyche, whether due to spirit instruction during sleep, or because now your higher self can penetrate better and manifest into your consciousness. In a way, the two kinds of knowledge interact and ultimately amount to the same thing.

Often, an inventor or artist wakes up with a new idea or conclusion. The idea is there; he does not recollect clearly how he came by it. He has that new knowledge simply because, in this one direction at least, his soul is open to tap the vast universal cosmic knowledge at everyone’s disposal, provided the necessary inner conditions are met. It comes out of the depth of his being. In the depth of being is the whole universe.

The adoption of a method to recollect instructions would limit or cast aside what should be accomplished inwardly. This would not be healthy. Concentrate on your endeavors to develop yourself. In your prayers, concentrate on finding the truth about yourself, on realizing what you need to know in any given stage of your path. Everything else takes care of itself.

Help may be given by strengthening your power to recollect your spiritual experiences during sleep, although you will rarely remember them as incidents. As I have said, the knowledge will simply be there. Or help may be given at times by making your Pathwork a little easier. Or, something another person says may lead you to a crucial new insight. There are many ways in which increased self-awareness can come.

The concept of approaching contact with the Spirit World outwardly, or in the form you have mentioned, expecting the Spirit World to hand out knowledge that should be gained from within, is a great misunderstanding. Such given knowledge must lead finally, always, to your own contact with divine truth. Any help, instruction or teaching which does not have this clearly as its aim is unhealthy. This should be understood by all who seek such contact in any way.

Contacting the Spirit World is often also sought with the aim of avoiding certain human difficulties that other, less privileged people, do not avoid. This approach is also very wrong. It must not be taken. The privilege you can gain, however, provided the contact is a divine one, is having access to a more vigorous and constructive help showing you the way out of your prison.

You will earn this privilege by your own efforts in this direction, for as you well know, this work is not always easy. But contact with the Spirit World must not and cannot be a shortcut to save you from the labor and pain of self-development.


It seems possible to use a Ouija board to train oneself to communicate with other entities. Would you say this is a good thing to do?

The Guide: It is not a good thing to train oneself for the purpose of communication with other entities. If communication with other entities occurs along the road to self-realization as a passing way, it is to be considered as a transitory state that may, under certain circumstances, have its temporary benefit. But it is never a goal in itself.

If the union with the real self can be accomplished, this state can be bypassed. It need not be gone through. The goal should always be the communication with one’s own divine center, never with other entities. This can lead into dangerous errors, away from the self.

Such training also often concentrates on or emphasizes psychic phenomena and bypasses one’s own inner obstructions, so that very dangerous and harmful evasions and escapes come about that have more harm than benefit. Anything that is put in this way, I would very gravely discourage.

I would say, you cannot go wrong, ever, if you concentrate mainly on finding your real self. And finding the real self hinges on recognizing where your obstructions are, where your blocks are, and understanding them. In that way you transcend. That is the only safe and healthy way.

Everything else will be given unto you. If communication with other entities should be a temporary way for you, it will happen by itself. But to seek purposely for that is always an error, and it stems from misguidance and misunderstanding of these things.

You do not have to accept my answer as binding, because we here do not believe in dogma. But if you use all your thinking capacities, as well as if you ask the divine in yourself for guidance and open yourself up to the question, let the guidance come from within you. This is the best way to go about this.

Every preconceived idea stands in the way. Your own fears and your own desires stand in the way. Therefore, look at yourself very carefully. What do you want? What do you fear? What do you fear to face in yourself in utter self-honesty? Do you desire any kind of shortcut in order to avoid looking at certain facets? Ask yourself such questions.

Then when you give yourself very honest answers to this – not quickly, not glibly, but very honestly – then say to yourself, “There is a divine intelligence and power right in the center of my own being. To communicate with it, I really do not need any other beings. Now, I may need help in order to get to the center in myself, but the ultimate goal is that center in myself. And therefore, I ask right now for guidance from that center within myself. Where is my way? Is this answer correct or is that answer correct? Which should I accept? Which gives me a good safe feeling?”

Then open yourself up. Make yourself neutral and wait for guidance.

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