QA222 QUESTION: I would like to know what role pets, such as dogs and cats, have played in the spiritual development of man and vice versa. How has man aided the spiritual development of these beings? And specifically to myself, a dog has saved my life – Sunshine – and I would like to know what mutual role we have played in each other’s lives, and what specifically my responsibilities are to her at this moment?

ANSWER: In the first part of the question, I would like to say that animals are the gift of God to man. They are the grace of God to beautify life, especially pets – and other animals, of course. They are truly a gift of the heavens.

There are human beings who perceive the beauty of the universe – perhaps easiest at first – through animals and plants and nature, and only later through other aspects of Creation, through other human beings, through ideas and creativity, etcetera. There are other human beings who perceive the beauty of the universe through nature and animal life and plant life last – they are dead to it.

Why it is in the one way or the other way has always, of course, a meaning. The latter category is very likely to deny nature in themselves, or it might also be because nature inwardly is denied. There may be an emphasis on the outer manifestation. It can be either way.

But whatever it may be, to glorify God’s gifts to man is to admire, to be grateful, to appreciate, to enjoy what is given. And when man can begin to see and look around himself and see the beauty in whatever way it comes, it is something blissful. With domestic pets, such as cats and dogs, there’s always an intense exchange of energy and soul relationship, of giving and of loving and of caring, each in their own way. It is a very beautiful phenomenon that helps along the process of evolution. And that is about what I want to say about the first question.

But I would say the second question is almost superfluous, for you really know that such responsibilities do exist. An important thing is when there was an exchange of giving and of love and where man has a greater responsibility through taking care of a being that is less capable of caring for itself but who gives, then that responsibility cannot be questioned.

It is then most important to provide care and happiness in whatever way possible for that animal. You can, of course, as with everything else, give yourself to the will of God in that particular area and open yourself to the guidance. There is no topic that should not be specifically opened up for this guidance. One must never forget to do it, no matter what the issue may be.

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