QA214 QUESTION: About the lecture concerning the psychic nuclear points [Lecture #214 Psychic Nuclear Points], I’d like to know if I understand it correctly. Let’s say that I start an activity. Then I generate a spiral. In generating this spiral, at one point it would be more and more self-accelerating until the time when it becomes a nuclear point, or groups into one focal point, and then there will be very, very little or no activity at all on my part involved in that process. Now, this thing fascinates me, because I would like to apply this to money. Where am I going wrong in this? Am I misinterpreting something or does it apply to some sort of laziness in me?

ANSWER: The question “Am I wrong?” is meaningless here, because it has no meaning on this particular question. It is not a question of right or wrong. But let me try to answer your speculation. You are right in the sense that once a spiral configuration has been started through certain attitudes, through commitments, through action – that is, through ideas that are put into action – the spiral movement and the events then create themselves almost, without the immediate participation of the person. It is a self-perpetuating process that can be observed in many, many fields.

In other words, even when the consciousness that has created that particular activity, that particular spiral configuration, has already turned away from this activity, from this spiral, it continues to function. It is what you experience in life where results manifest, where the consciousness says, “How come? I do not think that way anymore. I have nothing to do with this. This does not correspond to my conscious state now.”

It may have been a result of your conscious state and intentionality years ago. Or, as you bring the comparison with money – that money breeds money even where the other person no longer activates it. That is true. However, once the activity is discontinued and that particular spiral has found its explosive nuclear point and the particles recreate themselves, reorganize themselves, and the consciousness has moved to a different preoccupation and a different intention, then that spiral configuration will not be repeated.

But if the consciousness still is geared in that same direction, a new spiral configuration will reformulate itself, almost inadvertently, as it were, from the old pieces that fall again into the same grooves. So the consciousness is always the master and determines, “Do you allow the old pattern to continue on its way?” which is the difficulty human beings encounter in changing.

Once the energy pattern has been established, it requires a great one-pointedness and determination and commitment of the mind and the will to stop, let us say, a negative process and to change it into a positive one, a positive intent, a positive creation. And that one-pointedness can only come when the misconceptions are clear and understood.

QUESTION: We create – deliberately create – things around us that we perceive. And if that is true, then the next person creates his own reality, and each one of us has his own reality. Yesterday, I was thinking of this, and I thought I was going out of my mind. For a moment there, I was going crazy, just for a split moment. And I don’t understand that. There was a sense of loneliness, as if, you know…

ANSWER: That there is no fixed reality?

QUESTION: Yes, that there’s nothing that you can rely on.

ANSWER: I would not say there is a fixed reality, but there is an ultimate reality, a divine reality. And that divine reality is a constant flux. It is not fixed. It is constantly flexible and moving. And that is its very beauty and security and safety. It is only when you think you can only have faith in the fixed reality that you get into trouble. You then believe that without a fixed reality you have nothing to hold on to. As it is, you do not need anything to hold on to, because the universe carries you.

There is nothing to fall into but the pitfall of your own imagination. There is no hell but the one of your imagination. Now, your imagination can be strong. You can create very strong images, and you can experience these images until your mind finds out that the true reality is constant flux, beauty, safety and flowing – and gives up the fixed state.

The fixed state has created the matter in which you live and the fragmented realities and objects. Let me give you, perhaps, the following example. It is again, like this last lecture [Lecture #214 Psychic Nuclear Points], extremely difficult, if not impossible, to put these concepts – which are way beyond the human language comprehension – into your language, but I shall try with the limited means at my disposal.

Let us say a human enclosed in the body that is of a fixed matter and living in a fixed world – goes through certain actions that give him pleasure. There are many areas of pleasure. Man can have pleasure when he listens to music; he can have pleasure when he makes love with a loved one; he can have pleasure when he eats a beautiful meal; he can have pleasure when he finds himself in a beautiful landscape – and many, many, many other areas.

With each such activity he needs to go through certain preparatory steps that form the bridge to the experience of pleasure. If he wants to listen to beautiful music, he either has to go to a concert or he has to turn on a certain machine. Or when he yearns for love, he must prepare his whole consciousness to be able to consummate, to have the relationship, to build his consciousness, to be able to spend the flesh.

Or when he wants to taste a beautiful meal, he has to prepare it; he has to go through certain steps to bring it into his mouth, to chew it, to have the pleasure maybe in swallowing it, in tasting it. All these things require preparation and steps and even then he will, more often than not, find that there is something not quite fulfilled. He senses there is more.

Now, the spiritual consciousness of your real being that is not fragmented experiences the highest degree of all of these pleasures and many, many more – invariably more – without, however, having to go and turn on this and do that and work for this and then through listening or through feeling or through swallowing or through seeing will then certain pleasures arrive.

It is the constant flowing state of consciousness where the essence of the music, of the love making, of the tasting, of the seeing, of everything that ever exists is in that one momentary Now in which all is one. When man thinks of leaving his body behind, he is so geared to the fragmented state that he thinks he will miss something when he does not have this or that or that. And he does not know that the essence of everything he yearns for exists in his state of being, when he is not fragmented but when he is one with the universe.

Now, I do not know whether you can perceive what I say in these words. Can you understand somewhat what I say to you?

QUESTION: Yes, as a matter of fact, I connected with the way I’m changing myself. For example, I used to have a compulsive need for music all the time, which I don’t anymore. Silence is much more satisfying these days than it used to be, and I connect with that. And also I understand what you’ve explained intellectually here.

ANSWER: Yes. Now, I’ll give you one more example of the fragmentation of time. The whole concept of the spiral configuration and the psychic nuclear point of the last lecture will become perhaps more understandable when I bring in the concept of time. I have said, repeatedly, to you that time is also a figment of imagination, of the human mind, of the human state – the three-dimensional state of consciousness.

Now, real time is the sequence of the spiral, the progression of the events that lead to the various spiral movements. These progressions can vary with each spiral, with each activity, with each intent, with each creation of each spiral form. The sequence of events changes. They are faster; they are closer together; they are more accelerated; they are less accelerated; they are more intent; they are more in truth or they are less in truth, and there are many, many variations.

So time, in reality, is therefore individual; it is differentiated; it depends on the sequence of each spiral movement, the sequence of events; it is not fixed as in your limited three-dimensional world. Again, such a metaphysical concept can only be sensed intuitively. And to the degree you remove your inner blocks, my friends, you will sense what I’m talking about. To the degree you are blocked, this will, at best, be an intellectual understanding – and that is limited. Does that makes any sense to some of you?

QUESTION: [Several voices] Yes.

QUESTION: I have two questions about psychic nuclear points. The first one is, is it true that you can consciously, with the Path, accelerate a certain spiral?

ANSWER: Absolutely, for not only with the Path but even without such a path, your intentional thoughts create spiral movements and nuclear points that create a situation. They may be positive, they may be negative, they may be in accordance with your life plan before you came into this incarnation, or they may be deviant from it. But, no matter what it is, you constantly create psychic nuclear points. You constantly create.

You create in this very instant by your intent, by your leaning, by your attitude, by what you want to do with your life or with a certain situation in your life. Every instant, you create the life of your cells, your physical body and of your psychic life.

If you pursue a negative, untruthful thought, you create bad. If, in a meditation, you make a positive commitment that is deeply meaningful, deeply compatible with universal truth and with a spiritual law, then that will create its inexorable and very strong cyclic, spiral forms that have their culmination in a psychic nuclear point of explosion and re-creation. Do you understand?

QUESTION: Yes. Along with that, if a certain spiral is extremely positive – you’ve said at other times that our positive movements are endless – does it just keep going?

ANSWER: Yes, it does.

QUESTION: And the other thing is, I have a confusion about the explosions. For some reason I also thought they were constantly exploding. Is that true too?

ANSWER: There are constant explosions, because there are so many, literally infinite psychic nuclear configurations – cycles – going on in each individual’s life, but each form is not constantly exploding. It goes through its span. It is started; it creates the spiral; it accelerates, it accelerates, it accelerates until the movement becomes faster and faster, and then it explodes. And the explosion is the creation. As I said in the lecture, each word you speak, each thought you think, each situation you find yourself in, is such an explosion.

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