QA174 QUESTION: I’ve had a chronic cyst condition since I was twelve years old. I feel that I’m bringing it on myself somehow, but I don’t know how or why.

ANSWER: Well, are you aware of your emotions to any degree? Are you aware of the degree of anxiety and fear that exists in you? Yes or no?

QUESTION: I know that I have a lot of fears, but I can’t categorize it.

ANSWER: Well, that is exactly it. It is the vague, overall anxiety that cannot be pinpointed that creates such conditions. The first step would be that you pinpoint what frightens you, for then and then only can you come to a realization of the problems that lie behind it.

Now, again, you, as perhaps some of the other friends who ask questions, are inwardly searching. But this inner search, if you are to follow it through, must lead to a more active and more organized way of self-discovery, without which you cannot resolve these fears. Do you understand?

QUESTION: It sounds like you told me what to do, but you didn’t tell me how.

ANSWER: Oh, I did tell you how! I told you exactly how, but there is no magic key. You need help like everybody else to face your fears. You cannot do it alone. And then you will get little by little, step by step, the ability to do this. There is no panacea for it.

There is no sentence I can tell you that can now open the gates to the recognition of your fears. Unfortunately this is not that simple. The human being is so conditioned to deny knowledge, that he has to recondition himself to make himself know what is in him.

It would not be otherwise so difficult – because it is all there. But you, as so many other people, have conditioned yourself not to be aware of what you feel. And therefore no answer I could give you could resolve that problem. You have to go through a development, step by step, in which you recondition yourself.

I know that those friends who are new here and who ask such questions are probably let down. They’re probably disappointed that I cannot give them something more concrete. And yet what I say is very concrete, provided they are mature enough and realize that no answer can come forth that can resolve the problem. But my answer can only help them to seek a way in which they can, step by step, do this.

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