QA237 QUESTION: I found out recently that I have hypoglycemia, and would like to know how much this connects with my forgetfulness and how I lack in my own responsibility.

ANSWER: Yes. While this is a very, very important attitude in you, this needs very deep recognition as to its ramifications. Do you have such recognition? What is the meaning of this attitude, as far as you know?

QUESTION: It could be my own denial of the truth in me, my own lack of self-responsibility, a blindness in certain areas.

ANSWER: All of this is true. It is a little bit perhaps too vague. There is a level of your inner being that we call the level of intentionality that you are not yet quite connected with, but that is not so difficult to make conscious and that I very much advise you to make conscious. On that level of intentionality, you create chaos.

There is a very definite purpose of your ignorant lower self in doing so. The purpose of this creation of chaos is that then you can block out certain things that you do not want to deal with, either within yourself or in your life outside. It is like creating a tremendous smoke screen, a wall of dense fog, through which you then cannot see or act or move. And that gives you then an excuse to not be with yourself and your life. That is one very important aspect, that intentionality.

Another important aspect here is an insistence on your part that your acts should not have consequences. When I say acts, this, of course, refers equally to your non-acts, for non-acts are acts too, and they have as much consequence as acts have. Now when you fail to take matters into your own hands and create a positive surrounding for yourself, then this is an act.

Your passivity is an act, and it has consequences. Your lower self insists that whatever you do should not have consequences. You should be exempt from consequences. You do not know what a tremendously fearsome situation you create with your hope and stake and insistence that your life be so.

For, if your negative reactions and actions should not count, should not have consequences, then, of course, you are helpless and dependent on life and other people to such a degree that you must be afraid. And then no matter what you do positively would be equally futile. So I say to you, connect with these attitudes in you. Then you can change them. Is that clear?

QUESTION: Yeah. How does this have to do with the low blood sugar in the blood with the hypoglycemia?

ANSWER: Well, what is sugar? Sugar is energy – it contains energy and gives energy. Now, you have deprived yourself of very necessary energy by a certain very harmful passivity to the degree that it finally manifests in your body. Do you see the connection? {Yeah}

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