QA163 QUESTION: I know a young girl who has leukemia, which is almost invariably a fatal disease. She’s almost still a child. Could you tell me something about that disease, and can that disease be reversed?

ANSWER: Well, the reversal of a disease is in theory always possible. But it is entirely dependent on the inner attitude of the person in question. For as all of you know, at least in theory – and some have sensed this as a reality – one only dies when one wants to.

Now, if a young child dies, it stands to reason that this particular entity has contracted for such an early death before he has even come into this phase of existence. It is man’s attitude, again, from his vantage point, that he considers death a tragedy. Death is no tragedy. It is no tragedy.

Whether in this particular case a reversal is possible, I cannot say. I do not see this person. I do not see the psyche of this person. What the result of this particular disease is, this too cannot be said in a few words, for there are many possibilities, and they are not always the same with each human being. Usually there is not just one reason, but many reasons – spiritual, psychological and physical – involved for any serious condition.

The only general statement that I can make here would be that this soul is probably very much afraid of expansion of the feelings, expansion into life. At the same time, there may also exist certain reasons for this entity not to wish to be here for a length of time.

This is not necessarily applicable to this case, but I will speak generally here for all of your understanding as a possibility: many times an entity chooses certain conditions and environment where he or she is born into, unfolds and lives, knowing in his spiritual awareness that certain tasks are to be fulfilled in order to find his true nature, his true being.

This choice, after a while, may turn out to be not conducive to this particular unfoldment and task. In other words, the conscious being does not follow through what the inner self has set out to fulfill.

If the inner self has recognized that the outer separated being – the outer intellectual, willful ego being – is not following through, has not found the conditions such that in this life there is a good possibility for fulfillment, the forces are withdrawn, the fluids are withdrawn.

Then a will to die creates some sickness. But this is not a tragedy. From your vantage point it always seems a tragedy, since you are so steeped in seeing this life as just a life. Then everything is over – no matter how much hope, wishful thinking or fear you have – that there exists more.

Still, you are not inwardly aware of the fact that being is a continuum. This sense of being-is-a-continuum comes proportionately to overcoming the fear of yourself and looking at yourself. That is a key, my friends. To the extent you overcome the fear of yourself, to that extent the continuous nature of life will unfold and will reveal itself to you.

Then everything will look different – everything. Life will look different. Death will look different. Life will not be a tragedy or a difficulty or a chore one lives in a dull way, or where one thinks, “If only this happens, I would be happy, and if that happens it would be dreadful.” Nor will death be something you can possibly fear.


QA171 QUESTION: Can you say something about the meaning of an illness like leukemia?

ANSWER: Yes. Well leukemia, for example, is a thinning out of vital life energies. It concerns the blood, and the blood symbolizes life energy. A human being who suffers from this disease has deep inside resigned himself and does not want to live in a sense of energetic functioning.

He is particularly unwilling to express life or let life express through him in all the human functions of the passions, in the good sense, of love and sexuality, of taking a stand in life in the sense of reaching into life and being reached by life. It is a weakening that says, “I do not wish all that.” This is a very abbreviated explanation. This too would be a total lecture; this is just in brief outline.

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