QA234 QUESTION: I’ve come to the point of seeing how I’ve created the poverty in my life on so many levels. I see it and am amazed again and again that it comes to me and I feel that I need to ask for help – to give myself love specifically, and how to get out of this. One of the small manifestations I have is a skin condition which is sort of like a fungus spreading on my chest and my back, and I’d like to understand what this is a manifestation of specifically.

ANSWER: Yes, I will show you the connection here. The poverty consciousness that you pursue can be changed and transformed when you will truly connect with the hostility that is involved in it – not just theoretically, but when you can really feel the intent to be hostile, and to be hostile in a way that is safe and in which you cannot be found out. Because being poor seems such a legitimate and victimized state.

Now, you’re getting near to this. You’re quite strong enough, ready and prepared inwardly – mentally, emotionally and psychically – to truly face and acknowledge this, and see it for what it is without totally rejecting yourself. As a result of getting near there but not yet being quite there, a lot of strong energies are elicited, are swirling around in you, activated and surfacing; and they create the skin condition.

It is as though your inner self is telling you, “It is coming out at your skin now, the hostility, see it for what it is and truly let it out; let it further out. Get rid of it.”

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