QA171 QUESTION: Would you comment on a person who very frequently swallows in the wrong throat – without having any crumbs or anything to eat in the mouth – and then always chokes on his own mucous?

ANSWER: Such a person has difficulty in swallowing certain aspects of life, certain things that are troublesome for him or her. And I would say this is mostly not quite conscious or perhaps even completely unconscious, as the case may be. It may be partially one and partially the other.

But I would recommend that this should be very specifically looked at: what this person really objects to in life, resents in life, rebels against in life – and truly face this rebellion. As this rebellion is out in the open, then one can do something about it meaningfully. Because, as you all know, the adult has the possibility to change the conditions that create the rebellion.

It is only when it is unconscious that it cannot be changed, because in the unconscious, one still experiences it as if one were a child that has no way out.

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