QA176 QUESTION: I have a question about my right eye, which tears due to a paralysis I had as a child. I’ve had several operations on this eye and none of them has been effective. The psychological difficulties that I’ve experienced due to this have disappeared quite a bit, so it’s more or less a lingering external irritation. I’m wondering whether there’s anything that can be done about that condition.

ANSWER: The first thing I would suggest is that you get in touch with the deeper feelings that created this condition in the first place. Now, of course, that is not half as simple as it may sound. It means a whole involvement with yourself and with your inner being that is not there yet to the extent that you can know what brought it about.

In every physical expression there is always a symbolic representation of the inner meaning. The tearing is that there are tears in you that you are too paralyzed to shed. Now, you may not have a difficulty to cry, but your crying has not reached the level where at one time, in your very early life, you were in such despair that you did not even permit yourself to feel this despair.

When you can come to this paralyzing despair, then you can alter it, because there is no more need to feel this. But in order to come to this realization, you first have to know that you feel this. Otherwise, you will only superimpose positive attitudes that cannot really take root in you because the despairing, paralyzing attitude has not been made available to your consciousness. The vision is lacking there. Your conscious vision is lacking.

You see, the right side represents consciousness, and the difficulty in the eye symbolizes vision. The tears you have not shed are symbolized in the tearing. Does it make any sense to you?

QUESTION: Yes. But I’m wondering whether I should continue to cure it physically – to eliminate the actual tearing.

ANSWER: Well, whatever can be done physically to help it, that is one thing. But the physical is only a symptom of an inner condition. And I was talking about the inner condition, the spiritual condition, the psychological condition, the emotional condition within you. And when you are really in contact with your hidden, paralyzed despair, you will then be able to do something to change this despair that is locked up deep inside of you.

Now, in order to do that, of course, you need help. But this is up to you. I’m just answering your question. In order to really remove a symptom, the root has to be unearthed and altered. And I showed you what direction to go to the root.

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