105 QUESTION: I have recently learned of a young cousin who has a malignancy. And I would like to ask that I have the prayer of this group for his recovery and I would like to know if there is anything I can do, or that can be done to help him?

ANSWER: My dearest, this question is so very contradictory to everything I said tonight, and previously. It is certainly understandable that you feel that way. Of course you, and the whole group, can pray. The validity of such prayer is the sincere goodwill that you wish the best to another person; that you do not want him to suffer; that you would do what you could to help alleviate such suffering.

If you are so intended, open yourself for inspiration. If there is any way to give strength and consolation, it may come with such openness. But from our point of view, we view these things so differently. Temporary suffering, parting and death is, in reality, not what it means to you. I know this is painful, at the moment, in time. There is no doubt that pure thoughts and feelings, pure intent, must have an effect. Not necessarily in the exact manner you wish, but nevertheless, it has a very good effect.

QUESTION: It is not his death that is so painful, but the leaving of small children, and so many things undone, brilliance and talent.

ANSWER: Actually, what you think is inevitably lost because not concluded in this life, is not so. No one goes from this earth sphere if it is not right and good, unless he takes his own life. Nothing happens in the entire universe that is meaningless, that cannot be productive. There is no waste. The waste exists only temporarily when you do not make the best of your life while you have it. But leaving earth life, as such, is never wasteful, regardless of how young a person is who leaves his body.

If you truly think and meditate about these words, they will be of greater help, and therefore more consoling, than if I were to tell you that any means exist that can interrupt the laws of cause and effect, or that God can protect you from certain stages that man has to go through, and which can be so fruitful for all concerned. Now, I am not indicating here that he cannot be helped. This is not within my realm. The outcome may not necessarily be as you fear it. But whether or not it is, no waste exists. There is meaningfulness even for those who stay behind.


QA197 QUESTION: Our sixteen-year-old neighbor was killed in an automobile accident recently, and I know in my mind this is connected with a death wish. Would you explain it more, so I can accept it? Also what is the work to find the death wish in oneself?

ANSWER: Through the work you certainly find the death wish, which can manifest first vaguely and indirectly. The death wish exists to degrees wherever there is negativity, wherever there is negation of the life process, of whatever feeling exists in you – painful feelings and love feelings and pleasure feelings.

Wherever the individual negates life, reality, self-responsibility and standing on your own feet – because this seems tedious and difficult – wherever this takes place, there are degrees of death wishes.

Now, the process of a young person dying may have other components in there. It may not even be necessarily a destructive thing. For example, many times entities come for a specific task that may only be of very short duration. Then a new phase of their development starts later, on an incarnation cycle where longer life periods are important and necessary again. Generalizations cannot be made.

It can be at times that the death wish is so strong – the negation of life is so strong – that long periods of slower development in a nonincarnation have to occur before the wish is strengthened to go through life fulfilling the task that remains to be done. At other instances, the task is fulfilled in childhood and the period is organically right.

At other instances still, the entity sees – the spirit self sees – that it has deviated so far from the task it has set itself to fulfill that it is almost impossible to find the way back in this incarnation. The decision is then being made, within the spirit self and in the Spirit World, to start all over again. All these are various possibilities.

It is difficult for you to understand, because you still view this as a tragedy and an end, and not as life-as-a-specific-task-to-be-fulfilled in a chain and a real life, as an ongoing process.

QUESTION: I had a question prepared, but since you just talked about this, I have a feeling that my little son who died had a short time to prepare. Is that so?

ANSWER: Yes. This is very true, and if you remember, I even indicated this to you at the time this happened.

QUESTION: In this life I’d like to understand – and at that time I couldn’t imagine it – but now I’m beginning to understand.

ANSWER: His task for himself was fulfilled that way. But at the same time, you know tasks are often many, many-faceted, and this entity had very deep connections with you two. His task was also to help you bring out deep feelings, deep pain that was so encased before that you would have been much less accessible to the Pathwork.

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